Wacky Wednesday: 5 things you don’t know about me….

When I started blogging, I decided to use my blog to list five interesting — or not so interesting — facts about me. I’m going to continue that on the occasional Wacky Wednesday until I run out of things to post or you all tell me to stop being so self-absorbed. 🙂

21.  I can’t eat raw tomatoes without wanting to gag. You know, that gag your five-year-old blesses you with when you force him to eat his spinach? Never understood the appeal of bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. 🙂 Cooked tomatoes aren’t a problem…which is a good thing because I love Italian food and Mexican food and…

22.  One of my friends in my adulthood is my fifth grade teacher…who also writes romantic suspense. Imagine our surprise when I saw her at my first Colorado Romance Writers meeting and told her she reminded me of my teacher.  I wish I’d had a camera when she realized I was a student from her first class. Of course, she was a “baby” teacher.  I still have a picture of her from our 5th grade trip to Camp Shoshone for a weekend of crafts and fun. Ah, the memories.

23.  I don’t remember attending kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade. I know I went, else I couldn’t have entered 3rd grade, right? We moved several times in those years so I get a feeling that’s the real reason nothing “stuck” in my brain. Weird how that works sometimes.

24.  Although I’m the fishing fanatic in my family, I can’t stand the sight and feel of worms.  Someone has to hook them for me if I want to use them.  In college I lived in one of those quirky carriage house conversions and, when it rained, worms would occasionally come up a drain. I had a cat that loved playing with them and bringing them to mommy…leaving them on my pillow. Can anyone say, “Ewwww!”? To get them out of the house, I had to scoop them up with a dustpan and brush. The things we do for a cheap place to live!

25.  When I quit smoking nineteen years ago — yay, me! — I couldn’t write one word for three months.  I unintentionally quit writing cold turkey, too, which was scary for me.  I had to find a way to write without a cigarette in my hand.  I eventually got over it but, have to say, at the time I wondered if I’d ever write again.

[If you’re wondering about the numbers, this ongoing list of “5 new things” is not the first I’ve posted. To learn more about me, check the Wacky Wednesday category menu.]

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12 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: 5 things you don’t know about me….”

  1. Fun Karen! Great to learn more about you. You know I still see my 5th grade teacher quite often as well. He lives not far from me and we run into each other int town quite often. He was my favorite teacher and a great person and I love seeing him now and again for our long chats.

    Anyway, great blog…thanks for sharing!

    1. Morning, Christine. It’s funny how small the world can be, isn’t it? This teacher is a favorite of mine, too. I credit her in large part to my love of reading. I can still see the cozy way she sat in her chair in front of class making books come alive for me. I enjoy our chats, too, although we don’t live in the same city. We don’t run into one another except for CRW events.

      Thanks for commenting, Christine! Have a great day!


    1. You’re on, sweetie! I’d love to go fishing with you. I don’t get much opportunity these days. But you know how THAT is!

    1. Hi, Vicki. I grow them (for my husband, he LOVES fresh tomatoes). I cook them into many dishes. I’m not a picky eater and I have tried a lot of weird things so it makes me crazy when I see people enjoying them raw and I just can’t past that auto gag reflex. I think it’s the texture, although I like other foods with similar texture. Weird!

  2. I had a cat who loved to catch field mice and bring them to me while I was eating. Can we say lunch was officially over boys and girls??? I called it the Mouse Diet.

    1. The Mouse Diet…too cute! Sounds to me like he just wanted to join you for lunch. 🙂

      I actually had two cats in college. Tawny was my worm girl. Nicky was a tom (vet thought he might have been half manx, he was huge but all muscle) who also specialized in present giving. His pillow gifts were mice and birds and they were often flopping. I couldn’t break him of the habit either.

  3. #23 & #25 are fascinating! You have a very interesting brain, Karen! Right now I’m reading Life As I Know It by Melanie Rose, about a girl who gets hit by lightening and when she sleeps, enters the body of another lightening victim. Your mentions made me think of the story. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You mean convoluted, right Larissa? 🙂 I’ll have to look up the book you mention. Sounds interesting. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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