Wacky Wednesday: 5 things you don’t know about me….

It’s time again to list five interesting — or not so interesting — facts about me!  I’m going to continue that on the occasional Wacky Wednesday until I run out of things to post or you all tell me to stop being so self-absorbed. 🙂

26.  I’d never broken a bone until recently.  My baby toe had a major disagreement with my recumbent bike a couple of weeks ago.  A case of moveable object and an immovable one, a sure sign that exercise can be harmful to your health.  It was a nasty event all the way around, and both parties are sorry.  Actually, we don’t know for sure that it was broken since we didn’t x-ray the clumsy thing.  I’m simply going by all of the professional opinions of what “looked like” and felt like a broken toe.  So I’m claiming my first — and hopefully last, those things hurt! — broken bone.  What’s interesting is that it took so long for it to happen.  I end up in the emergency room a lot as a child with numerous sprains, strains, and possible concussions.  Graceful and Karen were two words that didn’t meet in the same sentence…especially after I accidentally ran head first into the elementary school flagpole and knocked myself out cold.  I’ll never live that one down!

27.  I love to swim. Growing up I practically lived at the pool during the summer.  Our neighborhood had a great public pool and I’d whip through my household chores so I could get there the moment the gate opened at 11:00 a.m. I’d hang with my friends all day, every day, soaking up the sun and flirting with boys. Regretfully, those memories got a bit tarnished when the world learned how dangerous it was to get that much sun.  And we won’t even get started on how bad it is to “tan” with baby oil w/iodine, the fad at the time.  (Yeah, I’m aging myself!)  Still, if I could build a pool at my house, I’d be swimming in it every day…with proper sunblock.  Or even better, a poolhouse roof over my head!

28.  I knew at a very early age that I was the future Mrs. Andy Gibbs.  I was going to have a mansion in Australia and travel the world with him on his private jet, and have my own stash of  chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne onboard.  Andy was going to write his swoon-worthy songs and dedicate them to me at every concert, and we’d have a whole house full of kids who looked just like their daddy.

29.  I knew at a very early age that I was the future Mrs. Bobby Sherman.  We were going to have a horse farm in Kentucky and I would alternately travel to the set of his television show and his concerts.  Our six kids would look just like their daddy and….

30.  I knew at a very early age that I was the future Mrs…wait!  Where are my diaries and wall posters?!

If you don’t know who either of these men are, I apologize for dragging you back into my teenybopper dreams without a proper introduction. Think Justin Bieber…only oodles and oodles better!!! 🙂

[If you’re wondering about the numbers, this ongoing list of “5 new things” is not the first I’ve posted. To learn more about me, check the Wacky Wednesday category menu.]

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8 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: 5 things you don’t know about me….”

  1. Nice idea Karen. Enjoyed reading. I hope you will not run out of ideas soon.
    Certainly will be back for more. 🙂

    1. Morning, Vladimir! So glad you stopped by and enjoyed my “5 things you don’t know…” blog. I hope I won’t run out of ideas either, or this will be a short-lived feature! 🙂 Please come back. It’s great to meet you!


    1. Hi, Tasha! Glad to make you laugh. Some days that’s all we need, isn’t it? I love doing these wacky things on Wednesdays. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the answers!


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