Wacky Wednesday: 5 Urban Myths ANSWERS!!

Five Urban Myths…Truth or Myth? ANSWERS!!

Yesterday, I threw some urban myths at you and had you tell me if they are TRUTH or MYTH. Today, I’m posting the answers to those questions.

How did you do?!


1.  A Florida bank robbery went awry when the teller couldn’t read the robber’s note. The frustrated man tried again at a bank across the street and was successful. TRUTH OR MYTH?

TRUE – Apparently, the robber’s penmanship improved during his walk.

2.  Crayfish aren’t actually fish; they’re crustaceans.  TRUTH or MYTH?

TRUE – Also known as craw-daddies, they live in freshwater brooks and streams that do not freeze to the bottom.

3.  Andrew Cunanan faked his own death and escaped capture by pretending to be a woman after killing Italian clothing designer Gianni Versace.  TRUTH or MYTH?

MYTH – Cunanan committed suicide July 23, 1997.

4.  Married men live longer than bachelors.  TRUTH or MYTH?

TRUE – Married women also live longer than their unmarried counterparts.

5.  A 44-year-old Texas woman who wandered into a state police “live-fire” simulation, was shot to death by state troopers who mistook her for a target.  TRUTH or MYTH?

TRUE – The origins of this tale can be traced to a fictitious “FBI Top 20 Homicides” list.

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