Wacky Wednesday: 5 Urban Myths ANSWERS

Five Urban Myths…Truth or Myth?   ANSWERS!!

Yesterday, I threw some urban myths at you and had you tell me if they are TRUTH or MYTH.  Today, I’m posting the answers to those questions.

How did you do?!


1.  Bats are blind .

MYTH – All bats can see, but some species rely on echolocation more than they rely on vision.

2.  The deer botfly can fly faster than a jet plane and has been clocked at 818 mph.

MYTH – The deer botfly travels at 64 mph – a ratio of 300 body lengths per second.  A jet fighter at Mach 3 is faster, but only reaches about 100 body lengths per second – hence the source of this MYTH.

3.  A portrait of Woodrow Wilson appeared on the U.S. $100,000 bill.

TRUTH – The American $100,000 Gold Certificate was never released into general circulation.

4. An Ohio grandmother, en route to her 100th birthday party, was killed when a truck delivering her birthday cake ran her down. .

MYTH – A classic tale of bitter irony in a mad, mad world – but once again, it never happened.

5. Queen Isabella of Spain pawned her jewels to pay for Columbus’ trip to the New World.

MYTH – The city of Palas paid a debt to the Crown by providing two of the ships; Italian financial backing made up most of the rest

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