Wacky Wednesday: 5 Urban Myths…Truth or Myth ANSWERS


Yesterday, I threw some urban myths at you and had you tell me if they are TRUTH or MYTH.  Today, I’m posting the answers to those questions.

How did you do?!



1.  A London firm marketed ‘X-ray proof’ undergarments to shy women at the turn of the century.

TRUTH – The ploy was in response to the popularity of x-rays in the wake of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s 1895 discovery.

2. Your chances of being assaulted are higher in NYC than anywhere else in the U.S.

MYTH – Based on victim-to-population ratios, you’re more likely to be attacked in Arizona.

3. The Gartner Group once issued trading cards featuring its analysts.

TRUTH – The company has 3,700 associates, including 1,200 research analysts and consultants.

4. Entering your PIN in reverse at any ATM will place an emergency call to police.

MYTH – Although the technology exists, it has never been implemented.

5. The Oregon Department of Transportation once used a half-ton of dynamite to blow up a Sperm Whale carcass.

TRUTH – The blast showered onlookers with rotten blubber and one large piece of debris crushed a car.

4 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: 5 Urban Myths…Truth or Myth ANSWERS”

  1. Yes ! 5 out of 5 !
    I hope that you believe me. In case I wasn’t 100% I wouldn’t wrote this comment at all.
    I’m so proud.

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