Wacky Wednesday: 5 Urban Myths…Truth or Myth? ANSWERS

Five Urban Myths…Truth or Myth?   ANSWERS!!

Yesterday, I threw some urban myths at you and had you tell me if they are TRUTH or MYTH.  Today, I’m posting the answers to those questions.

How did you do?!


1.  Walt Disney was dishonorably discharged from the military.

MYTH – Disney faced a disciplinary hearing at one point in his career as a WWI ambulance drive, but wasn’t dismissed over the incident.

2. Hershey bars were used as currency in Europe during WWII.

TRUTH – Cigarettes and gum also double as currency in war-ravaged economies.

3. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus is color blind.

TRUTH – Other celebrities suffering from the affliction include Matt Laurier, Paul Newman, and the late Bing Crosby.

4. The first name of Bob Denver’s character Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island was Willy.

MYTH – Willy was briefly considered, but Gilligan was never given a first name in the show.

5. Teens throwing ‘spunkballs’ into passing cars watched in horror as one of the gas-soaked rags wrapped in tinfoil exploded, engulfing their victim’s car in flames.

MYTH – Rocks, yes; spunkballs, definitely not. It’s an urban legend.

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