Wacky Wednesday: Name that film….

Okay, something fun and different today.  Let’s see how many of you can identify the film title that matches the following Great Film Quotes.  I’ll post the quotes today and the responding film titles tomorrow.


  1. “My father made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.”
  2. “I always say a kiss on the hand might feel very good, but a diamond tiara lasts forever.”
  3. “Badges? We ain’t got no badges! We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”
  4. “I’m not living with you. We occupy the same cage, that’s all.”
  5. “They uh, was givin’ me ten thousand watts a day, you know, and I’m hot to trot. The next woman takes me out is gonna light up like a pinball machine, and pay off in silver dollars.”
  6. “Take me to the window. Let me look at the moors with you once more, my darling. Once more.”
  7. “What we’ve got here is (a) failure to communicate.”
  8. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”
  9. “Hey Stell – Lahhhhh!” “Hey, Stell – Lahhhh!”
  10. “Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera and so forth.

[Courtesy of filmsite.org]

I’ll be back tomorrow with your answers. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: Name that film….”

  1. LOL…love this post, but I love games. I am a huge movie addict but I have to say although some of the quotes sound familiar I can’t think of the movie titles except on 2 of them….lol…must be the pressure of the moment. I’ll be back tomorrow for the answers, or maybe I’ll ask a helper tonight.

    Enjoyed this Karen 🙂

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