Wacky Wednesday: Romance novel…or not? ANSWERS


Yesterday, I posted six quotes and your mission was to identify which quotes came from a romance novel and which quotes come from another source.  Today I’m back with your answers.

How did you do?



1. “Thousands of people live in this town, and I had to run into him.”

ANSWER: Not a romance novel
SOURCE: Reba McEntire, lyrics “And Still”, by Liz Hengber & Tommy Lee James

2. “I’ve got alot of territory to cover and in my present state I really must prioritize.”

ANSWER: Romance Novel
SOURCE: Killjoy, by Julie Garwood

3. “But I understand him, maybe I’m just crazy enough to love him.”

ANSWER: No a romance novel
SOURCE: Poe, lyrics “Trigger Happy Jack”

4. “One can only shiver with delicious anticipation at the prospect of bedding a man whose entire focus in life is adding more dollar signs to his name.”

ANSWER: Romance Novel
SOURCE: How to Trap a Tycoon, by Elizabeth Bevarly

5. “Darlin’, I’ve been standing here just watching you all night.”

ANSWER: Not a romance novel
SOURCE: Brad Paisley, lyrics “Me Neither”, by Brad Paisley, Chris Dubois, & Frank Rogers

6. “And both you and I know, rats rarely need help with sexual attraction.”

ANSWER: Romance Novel
SOURCE:  Love Potion #9, Kate Hoffmann

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