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Romantic Suspense Novel Book 2


Roger Miller’s death is declared a suicide. Beth Hansen, former assistant deputy to the sheriff, now has her own private detective agency. Roger’s parents hire her to prove he was murdered. Probing into his death leads Beth into a discovery of evil even she cannot believe. Soon, her own life is in danger. Every move she makes could end in her death. Survival or becoming a missing person spins out of her control.

Romantic Suspense Novel Book 2

Character Interview
Beth Hansen, Private Investigator

1.  You worked as a deputy for the sheriff of your county in Wyoming. Why did you leave and become a private investigator?

The sheriff I worked for retired and my husband became sheriff. Because of nepotism rules, I could no longer work at the office, so I opened my Stopover Independent Detective Agency. My husband thought I’d go broke in such a small town as Stopover, but I’m surprisingly busy. I, also work part-time for the weekly newspaper.

2.  You’re presently working on the death of Roger Miller. Why? It has been declared a suicide. 

His parents and wife do not believe he committed suicide. They want me to find out if he was murdered.

3.   What does your husband think?

He won’t commit himself. My investigation has led me to believe he was murdered. I haven’t yet uncovered the reason why he was murdered and who killed him, but I have suspicions. My husband wants me to stay away from the investigation and would like me to carry a gun. I won’t do so.

4.    What makes you suspicious? 

Several other deaths have occurred in our area that are similar. Evil of such magnitude lurks behind each death even frightens me. I know I must watch every move I make.

5.    Would you care to elaborate.

 Not at this time. I’ve said all I can.

About Author Mary Hagen…

Mary Hagen lives on a farm with her l00 pound poodle. When not writing she reads women mysteries, western historical romances, and contemporary romances. She, also, enjoys hiking and walking with her dog.


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13 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Amateur #Sleuth #Character #Interview: DEATH IN STOPOVER, Romantic Suspense Novel Book 2 by Mary Hagen”

  1. Good morning, Mary, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. What an intriguing set up. I have never thought of a female PI in the old west. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing an interview with your main character, Beth. Sounds like an unusual woman. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. The interview makes me want to read this story. WOW – owning a 100 pound poodle must be fun. I have an 8-pound Yorkie mix.

  3. Wow, this book sounds very intriguing! I sure do want to know the rest of the story! I loved the interview with the book character! Have a great rest of the week and stay safe.

  4. Just wondering, Mary… do you actually walk your poodle-saurus, or does he decide the route and just bring you along? Asking based on my own gigantic Weimaraner experiences 🙂 Also, your book sounds deliciously intriguing.

    1. Max, my dog’s name, stays with me. He is timid so he doesn’t like to leave me. I usually hike with him rather than take him on walks. My granddaughter does that and says he behaves.

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