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The Bloodline Series Book 1


After her husband’s violent death, Lemon Sage Benton pursues her dream of organic farming in rural Kentucky horse country. When a murder victim is discovered, Sage and sexy Sheriff Wyatt Gordon clash at every turn; but their growing attraction is undeniable. Wyatt’s jealous teenage daughter, Hailey, wants Sage out of the picture. Wyatt’s political ambitions conflict with the life Sage wants. She won’t try to change him like his ex-wife did. Will Sage give up her dream or toss Wyatt aside for his friend, wealthy racing tycoon, Levi Madison? Who survives when the assassin targets his next victim?

The Bloodline Series Book 1

Character Interview, Lemon Sage Benton

Lemon Sage Benton is an unusual name. I understand you came by it in an unorthodox way.

“I certainly did. My parents were hippies during the 1960’s free love generation. I was born in a commune in upper New York State. We moved to a New York City suburb, so I could have a normal upbringing; but I’ve always wanted to return to my roots.

Sage is also Harley Sage Nelson’s middle name. Harley is Lynda Rees’ granddaughter. She co-wrote two children’s middle-grade mysteries with her MamMa, Lynda Rees. They are Freckle Face & Blondie and The Thinking Tree.”

I hear you’re a metaphysical enthusiast.

“You could say that. I enjoy meditation, and I use a ritual called the Goddess Pose when stressed or in need of energizing. I enjoy the runner’s high I get jogging with Tuffy, my retired police dog. Tuffy plays a key part in Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine.”

Some say you’re an adrenaline freak.

Sage giggles. “You’ve been talking with Sheriff Gordon. I’m independent, strong willed and adventurous. It drives the handsome, silver-haired devil crazy. His protective side isn’t used to people ignoring his advice.”

I understand you’re a widow.

“Yes, my husband was killed in a brutal mugging when we lived in New York. I moved to Sweetwater for a quiet, peaceful life and to fulfill my dream of organic farming. My love for the earth has been in my blood since I was a child.”

My condolences. From what I’ve learned, Sweetwater has been less than peaceful since you arrived.

“Thank you. I appreciate that. Yes, for a quiet, southern berg in the middle of nowhere, it’s been exciting. Dead bodies, major crimes, mobsters, swindlers and gunmen show up in the strangest places. I’m happy my friend, FBI Special Agent Reggie Casse, forced me to learn to defend myself and introduced me to Tuffy.”

I understand you had a run in with more than one of those? 

“I certainly did. You need to read or listen to the NEW audiobook of Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine to learn how and where. I don’t want to spoil the plot for you.”

Kentucky is known for race horses and bourbon. What’s the mobster connection?

“Yes, Sweetwater is surrounded by rolling, bluegrass horse farms. My friend, Levi Madison, and his family own Mane Lane Farm, a world-famous breeding and racing establishment. Most people don’t realize Kentucky has a mobster history stemming from the early 1920s when Newport, Kentucky prospered from open illegal alcohol, gambling and prostitution. It was a mecca for all forms of sin, since long before Las Vegas was conceived. Rich and famous came from around the world to entertain or be entertained. Newport was run by the Cleveland Mob, and police looked the other way. Reign of power existed until the mid-1970s, when the FBI closed down illegal operations in not only Newport, but the other top four mobster-run U. S. cities.”

Who did Lynda Rees have the most fun writing, Wyatt or you, Sage?

“Most certainly me. Wyatt’s tall, sexy, broad-shouldered and the most decent man I’ve known. I’m unique, quirky, stubborn, ambitious, impulsive, independent and too-brave for Wyatt’s taste. He calls me a danger magnet. My continual escapades drive him insane. He fears for my safety—sometimes rightfully so. The sexy sheriff needs to lighten up.

How many books are in the series now and in what forms?

“Ten and soon to be more. They are all available in eBook and print. Some are in audio now. Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine will be in Audio any day now, awaiting final approval. More audiobooks publish later this year. Some are published not only in English, but also in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Lynda Rees wrote Leah’s Story after her fans asked for more about my dear friend, Deputy Leah Patton in the award winning, Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine. The Bloodline Series consists of these so far:”

Leah’s Story, Prologue

  1. Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine
  2. Blood & Studs
  3. Hot Blooded
  4. Blood of Champions
  5. Bloodlines & Lies
  6. Horseshoes & Roses
  7. The Bloodline Trail
  8. Real Money

10.The Bourbon Trail

What other books has Lynda Rees published?

“God Father’s Day and Madam Mom are mysteries about descendants of Kentucky mobsters. Gold Lust Conspiracy, her award-winning debut, was an historical novel about a woman’s struggle in a brutal man’s world during the savage 1890’s Alaskan Gold Rush. Lynda co-authored two middle-grade children’s books with her eleven-year-old granddaughter, Harley Nelson—Freckle Face & Blondie and The Thinking Tree. Lynda’s Second Chance Romanceis included in the seven-book anthology, Sacrifice For Love, published with six other authors.”

I’m told you’re a gourmet cook and you’ve brought a couple of your favorite recipes to share with our readers.

“Indeed. Enjoy!”


Make simple syrup by mixing equal parts hot water and sugar until dissolved. Muddle a couple sweet, purple or red grapes, a sprig of mint and a couple tablespoons of simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add a shot of vodka, a splash of lemon juice, your favorite red wine and ice. Shake and pour into a wine glass.


Split open half dozen dried—or better—fresh figs. Seed, leaving a cavity open. Whip together cream cheese with equal parts of goat cheese. Spoon 1 tsp. into each fig cavity. Place on a baking dish. Roast 5 minutes at 350 until figs are juicy and melting, and cheese has begun to melt into its fibres. Enjoy with a tall glass of red wine. Watch out. Your guests will fight over these babies.

About Author Lynda Rees…

Lynda is a storyteller, an award-winning novelist, and a free-spirited dreamer with workaholic tendencies and a passion for writing. Her dreams come true, blessing her with a supportive family. Whatever crazy adventure Lynda congers up, her loving Mike is by her side. A diverse background, visits to exotic locations, and curiosity about how history effects today’s world fuels her writing. Born in the splendor of the Appalachian Mountains as a coal miner’s daughter and part-Cherokee, she grew up in northern Kentucky when Newport prospered as a mecca for gambling and prostitution.

Published in romantic suspense, historical romance, children’s middle-grade, advertising copy, and freelance, Lynda is an active member of several professional writing organizations and judge of professional writing events.

Author’s Note:

Enjoy my work. I hope we become life-long friends. Time for Romance!

Lynda Rees

Love is a dangerous mystery! Enjoy the ride.

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  1. Good morning, Lynda, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. What a catchy title! Love it. Really enjoyed the character interview, too. Getting down and personal with our characters is always a treat. Thanks for sharing your book and the two recipes, too. Bonus!

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