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A Sister Sleuths Mystery Book 1



Lea’s loveable canines discover a body at the Pier. The despised victim left behind no shortage of suspects.

– Angry co-workers jealous of the deceased’s undeserved success;

– A loyal employee who will protect his boss at any cost;

– People anxious to cover up dubious goings-on at City Hall.

Can Lea and her sister uncover the killer’s identity before the murderer stops them dead?

Are you fascinated with fast-paced clean mystery books that keep you guessing to the end?

This mystery starts when Lea’s dogs discover a dead man under the pier in her beachside community. The crime is tied to a string of unsolved burglaries the sister sleuths have been investigating.

Find out how the sisters’ curiosity gets them into trouble with their detective friend Tom – and how their snooping almost gets one of them killed – during their effort to solve the shocking murder.

There’s no shortage of suspects since the victim was despised by several people in town. But are these irrepressible siblings up to the challenge?

You’re guaranteed to love the sisters’ spunk, intelligence, and tenacity, as well as the twists and turns of this intriguing plot, as you learn how far they’re willing to go to solve the case.

A Sister Sleuths Mystery Book 1


Lea wondered if her husband was right.

Am I going against my better judgment checking out our neighbor’s claim of suspicious activity at the house under construction?

She parked in front of the empty lot beside the site and got out of the car to get a better view. Her two dogs, Spirit, a golden retriever, and Gracie, a border collie, jumped out to follow.

What she saw made her heart skip a beat. Our neighbor was right. There are lights on in the building, and there’s a van parked in the driveway with its loading doors open. It can’t be the construction crew at this time of day.

“Hurry up, Miguel,” a voice hollered. “We’re done here. We’ll be late for the meetup.”

Lea whispered an urgent summons to the dogs. “Come on, you two. We need to go.”

Hearing the urgency in his master’s voice, Spirit turned to obey. But the border collie’s instincts kicked in. Gracie went racing toward the site, barking loudly.

The commotion caused an instant reaction.

Two hooded figures ran out of the house, glancing frantically in the dog’s direction before racing to the van. Without bothering to secure the back doors, they jumped in and revved the engine.

Lea yelled as the border collie raced toward the van. “Come back, Gracie.”

But it was too late. The strength of Gracie’s hind legs propelled her into the back of the van as the vehicle leaped to life, weaving crazily down the street.

The last thing Lea saw as the van swerved around the corner was her border collie struggling to keep her balance in the back of the careening vehicle.

“Spirit, come.” She slid behind the wheel of her car, opening the other door. “We’ll catch them before they get to the freeway.”

Lea flattened the gas pedal, throwing Spirit back against the seat. “Sorry, big guy, but I don’t have time to put your seat belt on.”

Spirit dug his claws into the car seat and held on for dear life, staring straight ahead in the direction where Gracie had gone.

There are four lights before the freeway,” Lea reasoned aloud. “Hopefully, we can intercept them.”

Spirit cocked his head, listening attentively without averting his eyes from the road.

But just as she sensed they were closing the gap, a motorcycle roared around her, forcing her to jam on the brakes as the light turned red.

Lea’s hands sweat as she gripped the wheel. Come on, come on. Time stood still as the van disappeared from sight.

Gunning the engine again before the light changed, her heart dropped as she realized how close they were to the highway. “I’m afraid we’ve lost them, Spirit. I guess I was wrong in my theory about their escape route.”

She rounded the curve and sped past the Pier’s parking area.

That’s when she saw it.

A van parked at a hasty angle in the otherwise empty lot.

She swerved into the lot so fast that Spirit pitched across the seat and landed against the door.

In the excitement of discovering the van, Lea lost all sense of caution. She jumped out almost before her car rolled to a stop, leaving Spirit behind barking anxiously.

Approaching the vehicle, which appeared to be abandoned, she found the front doors open and the interior lights on. There was no one inside. She moved to the rear of the van with apprehension until she heard the familiar sound of Gracie barking.

Throwing the doors open, she suddenly found herself on the ground with a fifty-pound dog sitting on top of her, licking her face.

“I’m so glad we found you,” she exclaimed happily. “But don’t ever pull a stunt like that again. I was scared to death.”

To celebrate Gracie’s rescue, she agreed to walk the excited animals on the beach. As they neared the Pier, the dogs ran ahead to chase seagulls.

After a brief respite during which she enjoyed the ocean view, the dogs began raising a ruckus and Lea was forced to walk faster to catch up. She grew impatient as her shoes filled with sand, certain the dogs had found a leftover scrap of food to scuffle over.

But when she discovered the cause of their agitation, her body began to shake.

Meet Author Rayna Morgan…

Rayna has written two mystery series. The first series, the Sister Sleuths Mysteries, involves two women whose desire for adventure and knack for solving mysteries leads them into intrigue, suspense, and danger in their small beachside community. Meet sisters Lea and Maddy, who are strong yet vulnerable, tough but compassionate, and loving yet feisty in their relationship with each other.

Included in their adventures are their father Warren Conley, a retired police chief who joins forces with them to open a detective agency, Tom Elliot, who heads the Major Crimes Department for the local police, and Lea’s two dogs, Gracie and Spirit.

In the Austin and Archer Mysteries, a former Texas Rangers law enforcement officer brings a high octane burst of excitement to the mix!

The author has lived in various places, including a beachside town like the one used as the setting for her stories, together with her husband, son, two dogs and three cats, all adopted from shelters (the animals, that is.)

Rayna loves books, movies, and television series related to mysteries and crime, yoga, exercise, travel, and animals. She and her husband are actively involved in fostering dogs to help them find forever homes.


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  1. Good morning, Rayna, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Wow, what a powerful excerpt. I’m sucked into the story. I love mysteries, especially when there are dogs as secondary characters. Gracie and Spirit are going to be great to read about, as I’m sure they’ll drag Lea in and out of danger. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Good morning , your book sounds and looks very intriguing and like a really Great page turner! Thank you for sharing the excerpt. Very nice to meet you. Have a Great week.

  3. Sounds like a great book! I love mysteries. They are always interesting & keep you entertained by keeping you on your toes,

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