Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Contemporary #Billionaire #Romance: MINE FOR THE NIGHT, New York Nights Book One by Kia Carrington-Russell

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New York Nights Book One


I can have him if I pay.

Delicious. Mysterious. Paid for. That’s the best way to describe male escort Damon.

One night and one condition: Pretend to be the perfect boyfriend while seriously irritating my boss at our magazine’s masquerade campaign. Problem is… I actually like him.

Clover Granture should not have curves and wit like that—the kind that provoke my primal needs. As a client, she’s off-limits. Worse, she works for Candice Fashion Magazine drawing me too close to the spotlight. And yet, when she pulls me into her “fake boyfriend” schemes, I find myself enjoying it. But if she finds out my true identity, it could ruin everything I’ve built.

*Previously publishing as ‘My Escort’ with new characters, dual POV and major changes*

New York Nights Book One


I stood there for a moment, dumbfounded by his attractiveness even hidden away by a mask. There was only so much a mask could hide, and prominent cheekbones, molten brown eyes, lush lips, trimmed facial hair with an effortless tan was not left to the imagination. It wasn’t just his looks. He had an undeniable presence. Confidence emanated from him.

He might’ve been only a few years older than me but younger than what his deep voice would suggest. Or maybe he was younger than me I realized? How would I ever know? Butterflies scattered in my stomach. His dark-brown hair was nicely slicked back, just touching his collar. Even his jaw was perfectly chiseled and strong. And he smelled so good.

“Clover, I assume?” His lip twisted into a courteous smile and handed me a red rose. I searched those dark, molten eyes that seemed to stare straight into my very being. One hand was casually placed in his pocket, which just pulled his black suit enough for me to get an impression of the body behind the smart shirt. My eyes lingered on the belt at his waist. Catching myself and embarrassed, I caught his gaze again. Down, Clover, it hasn’t been that long since you’ve been so close to a man.

“Ah, yes, that’s me,” I said stupidly, wanting to slap myself.

I straightened as if I were giving a presentation in front of an intimidating client. Get a hold of yourself, anyone would assume you haven’t seen a man your whole life, I chastised internally. I collected myself with a confidence I didn’t feel. This is just business.

I accepted the red rose with a curt smile. “And you’re Damon, I presume?”

“It depends on how many other escorts you’ve hired for the night called Damon?” I blushed, looking down the hallway to make sure no one heard. His smile grew and I was shell-shocked. Was he… teasing me?

About Author Kia Carrington-Russell…

‘Kia is a Token, no, she is THE Token of Vampire & Paranormal books.’ ~ 5 STAR Reviewer.

Kia grew up in the Darling Downs Region in Queensland, Australia. Graduating High School, she pursued a career in freelance journalism. In 2014, having always had a passion for writing fiction, she decided to follow her dream of becoming an accomplished author.

Now living in Edinburgh, Scotland Kia has a can do attitude, a strong will and the touch of kindness that makes it hard not to fall in love with her. Announced ‘The Best New Author of 2015’ by AusRomToday, and being awarded numerous awards, she has no intentions of stopping. Kia Carrington-Russell is definitely the new author to be looking out for.

Links to Kia’s website, blog, books, #ad etc.:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3IUb1OH

Learn more about Kia at www.kiacarrington-russell.com and follow @kia_crystal on Instagram.


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7 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Contemporary #Billionaire #Romance: MINE FOR THE NIGHT, New York Nights Book One by Kia Carrington-Russell”

  1. Good morning, Kia, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I’m intrigued by the secrets I sense coming from Damon. Can’t wait to find out what that secret is. Heat coming off these two is already jumping the charts, too. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. OOHH… Mine For The Night sounds like a great read and OH so romantic and with heat. My kind of book.
    Loved the excerpt and book cover too.
    I just love these two main character’s story. Will they truly fall in Love with each and have more than 1 night or will it be just 1 night? Damon seems to be the kind of guy who just wants his one night then he’s done but when he meets Clover well things change dramatically for him.

  3. Oh my, this sounds like my kind of read!! Thank you for sharing a bit about it and letting me find a new to me author.

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