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A Kidnapped Groom Book


Clan Frazer must secure an alliance to save themselves from the power of the Sinclair clan – and the threat of the English. Only things are never as easy as they appear.

Desperate to escape her betrothment to an English sympathizer, Meredith Frazer is determined to find a protector. Or at least a man willing to play the part. When she sees Ailen Lindsey, sparks fly. Convincing the stubborn man won’t be too easy.

Chieftain Ailen Lindsay has his hands full with the conflicts with the English and the other clans. When he awakes to a seductress, he questions his sanity and her mind. Offered a bounty unheard of for a simple ruse, Ailen makes a counter offer neither of them can refuse.

A marriage based on deceit and lust. Will they surrender to the greatest risk of all – love?

A Kidnapped Groom Book


Meredith’s gaze caught on a tall, broad-shouldered man with long brown hair. Jutting above his right shoulder, the hilt of a sword caught the flickering hold of the flames as he strode between two roaring fires. Scarred knees peeked from beneath his lien and brat.

He turned, narrowed eyes scanning the gathering. He paused, his eyes locked with hers, and Meredith shivered. The dim brogue of her guards faded into nothing as she stared across the yard.

Her heart skittered in her chest. She swallowed, her tongue working against the roof of her mouth. Her stomach leapt into her throat. A thousand wings fluttered beneath her skin.

Meredith moistened her lips with her tongue, the stranger’s stare following the motion. He straightened, a slow curl of his lips upward.

One of the men with him spoke to him and he half turned to him. The movement cast his profile in the light. A thin scar crossed his face from his ear to his nose, the skin puckered along the ragged line. The muscles in his jaw moved, and he spoke. The man he addressed nodded and stepped back.

Between one beat of her heart and the next, the movement of the camp shifted, and he vanished in the crowd. Meredith stood, her heart pounding, her blood racing through her veins. She stepped to one side, searching for him.

Wilting beneath the weight of her own disappointment, Meredith huffed a breath. Had she found him?

About Author Patricia Bates…

Canadian author Patricia Bates writes dark and edgy historical and contemporary suspense romances. Because to bleed is to survive, but it’s by loving that we truly live.

She has two Best Sellers under her belt for Champagne Book Group and Beachwalk Press.


Links to Patricia’s websites, blogs, books, #ad etc.:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ofAiwQ

Best Selling Romance Author www.patriciabates.com

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11 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Highlander #Romance: MARRIED TO THE ENEMY, A Kidnapped Groom Book by Patricia Bates”

  1. Good morning, Patricia, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love Highlander stories! I can wait to see how Meredith and Ailen find their HEA from such a rocky beginning. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Medieval Highland stories were the first romances I read and hooked me on the genre. They are still favorites. It was a difficult time for survival for men and especially for women. Often it was a case of doing what one must to survive and thrive. This book sounds like a perfect example of what that can entail. It sounds like a good read.

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