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The Wind Series


The secrets of his past may hinder the future…

A year has passed since the attempt on Ali Raza’s life. He has managed to put everything behind him and live anew in wedded bliss with his wife, Charmaine Radcliff. Unfortunately, the peace in their lives is derailed when Ali is summoned to India to solve the assassination attempt of a respected official. Ali agrees that Charmaine accompany him, with the exception that she remains undercover. When alarming details from his past emerge, they are both at risk.

Lies, betrayal, and dangerous games…

When the intrepid seamstress Charmaine embarks on the adventure of a lifetime with her husband, her enthusiasm attracts the interest of a high-ranking British officer and her marriage is placed in jeopardy. Ali and Charmaine face a multitude of challenges, from interfering family members and dangerous attractions to an unidentified villain. Can their love see them through these betrayals, or will fears from the past endanger them both?

From the charming grandeur of England to untamed India, The Wind’s Echoing Embrace is a whirlwind journey of devotion and the power of love.

The Wind Series


Note from Erin: This piece gives some insight on Ali’s character, as well as the playfulness of his personality:

No sooner had Ali stepped out of the inn than heat flushed his body. Fiddling with his suspenders that agitated his heated skin. He adjusted the leather satchel around his shoulders, to compensate for some semblance of relief. But comfort did not come.

It seems I have grown too accustomed to the temperate weather of Acton.

“… this newfangled contraption,” Ali could hear his wife mutter. Concerned, he turned to the entryway where Charmaine struggled to open a white lace parasol. He turned his head downward, a remark fresh on the tip of his tongue.

“At last,” she announced as the accessory popped open.

Ali relaxed his expression; once her labours were no longer amusing, he turned his gaze to his wife, who strolled in his direction.

“Yes?” Charmaine asked.

“If you have finished playing with your umbrella, I would like to leave for the bazaar before the sun sets,” he quipped. The corners of his lips began to twitch, but pursed them together, to prevent any further pert rejoinders.

“It’s a parasol.” Charmaine’s eyes sparkled with mirth as she gently chided her husband.

“Nor was I playing with it. I was opening it. It’s imperative that I protect my complexion.”

“You are beginning to sound like a local.” Flashing one of his best smiles.

“Just the same, I am ready.” She laughed gently at him.

“After you,” Ali offered as he gave a slight bow. Charmaine hooked her hand around the crook of his arm as they departed. “Oh, I neglected to ask, have you made arrangements for your shop? You cannot leave it unattended for too long.”

“My father is managing the shop in my stead. I trust he will find someone competent enough to take care of things in my absence.” Ali gave Charmaine a curt glance. A gentleman in a women’s garment shop.

Ali chuckled inwardly. The very idea.

About Author Erin Pirani…

My name is Erin Pirani. I am a new upcoming author, who writes historical romances set in the Edwardian, Victorian, Medieval, and Fantasy Eras.  I like to sprinkle humor into my stories, just to alleviate the tension. I finally had my dream come true in the fall of 2017. When Nazzaro and Price, published my debut novella, ‘Carried by the Eastern Wind.

Since closing their doors in early 2021, I have been navigating the self-publishing route.

Thus published my second book: ‘The Wind’s Echoing Embrace’ in February of 2022.

Growing up in North-Western Minnesota. My love of reading stemmed from a journalist father, who, like myself, also enjoyed reading. My mother, who was a homemaker, as well as an artist, as well as poet, fostered my creative abilities.

I received my Associate’s degree from Minnesota State University. Followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy. I currently live with an adventurous husband and two rambunctious daughters, in North Carolina.  It’s never a dull moment around here since we are always on the move, which fuels the inspiration for my stories.


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Thanks, Erin, for sharing your story with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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  1. Good morning, Erin, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love playful male characters and Ali sounds fun. Loved the introduction and excerpt to your book. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  2. I bet you don’t miss those Minnesota winters living in North Carolina. Although it is currently mid-30’s here in the Twin Cities. I enjoyed your excerpt. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Oh I do miss MN winters. Im that odd-ball who loves snow, skating and sledding. I would spend more time outdoors in the winter, than in the Summer. Although, I do love swimming in the lakes. And I miss shopping at the MOA.

  3. Hi, wow, your boo sounds ike a great read! I love your book cover! Have a great week, thank you for sharing about your book.

    1. Thank you, dear.
      It was a labor of love writing it. The characters have been with me for over 10 years. It warms my heart hearing your words ❤️

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