Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Karen/K.L. Docter #Review Spots Opening



We’re definitely wallowing in the hot summer months, at least here in Denver! I know we aren’t the hottest state in the country, and our heat is often much higher in August and September, but steady 90+ degrees is pressure cooker temperature for me so I’m getting an early start on complaining. Especially since I usually keep my house below 70 degrees.

Yeah, yeah, I’m like the reverse Punxsutawney Phil. I stick my head out and if it’s too hot, I scuttle back into my cave. 🙂 Thank goodness for my swamp cooler (that’s an air conditioner for more arid climates and much nicer to the purse than regular air conditioning) keeping me at the temperatures I prefer or my writing would come to a completely halt. 🙂

I’m industriously trying to finish up two books, Book Two in both my romantic suspense, Thorne’s Thorns Series ~ DEAD RINGER, and my contemporary romance, True Love In Uniform Series ~ COP CRASHES THE WEDDING. I’m not sure which one will release first but I plan to have one or both released no later than September 1.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to open up a few more spots on my Review Team so we’re ready for the releases. Readers on my Review Team receive a complimentary ebook copy of my new releases (about a week or more before release day) in return for an honest review on Amazon, and Goodreads, B&N, Kobo and iTunes if possible. (On occasion, I update my list and reviewers who don’t post reviews are removed, so a few spots are usually available. I don’t do this often because I have such amazing fans on my Review Team, but life does sometimes get in the way.)

If you are already on my Review Team, you DO NOT need to submit a request again. You are automatically on the Team and not going anywhere, as long as you continue to rock and leave reviews. I’m always happy to check your Team status if you’re not sure whether you’re on the list and, of course, if you want to remove your name from the Team please let me know.

I’d love to take everyone, but the list can become unwieldy if it’s too large. I will randomly select new Review Team members and let you know if you’re successful.

If you’d love to join the Review Team, have time to read, and cross your heart agree to post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (and any others you can manage) within a week of release (I’ll give you the ebook 10 days in advance, so that’s a 13 day window!): Please email me: karendocter@ymail.com to apply.

NOTE: As many of you know, I write both Contemporary Romance as Karen Docter and Romantic Suspense as K.L. Docter. If you prefer to ONLY sign up for one of these genres, please let me know in your email. Otherwise, you’ll be on the list for all of my books in both genres.

Thank you for being such great romance readers. You are appreciated!!

Happy Reading!



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