Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Kidnapping #Romantic #Suspense: FEAR OF MALICE, The Malice Series Book 2 of 2 by Karen Fenech

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The Malice Series Book 2 of 2


Her capture by serial killer Todd Thames six months earlier has left FBI Special Agent Paige Carson with a permanent physical injury that severely impairs her ability to function in the field. While Paige is battling fears of losing all she has come to hold dear in the new life she has made with her squad and with Sam, her boss and the man she loves, she and Sam investigate a murder that fellow agent Riley has been arrested for committing.

Special Agent in Charge Sam McKade feels a helplessness he’s never known before as all he can do is watch Paige struggle to pick up the pieces of her shattered career, a career that his superiors believe would now be better suited behind a desk.  Sam is in a fight to keep Paige in his small squad and in his life.  When Riley is arrested it’s the last thing Sam needs, but all is not as it seems.  Sam discovers that this recent homicide is linked to the eight-year-old murder of former Special Agent in Charge Martin Hendershot.  The unsolved murder of Sam’s predecessor has long weighed on Sam and he will not rest until the killer is apprehended.

As the investigation intensifies, Paige and Sam learn that the killer has chosen another target, and time is running out before he kills again.

The Malice Series Book 2 of 2


Sam’s eyes narrowed on her reflection.  “What did the doctor say?

He asked though Paige had no doubt he already knew. Despite what he must have believed was futile, he had not discouraged her from seeking more opinions, seeking different opinions.  He’d gone with her to the numerous medical appointments and would have been with her today but for a case that had gone to trial and required his presence in court that morning.

She dropped the towel on the counter.  “The same.”

He didn’t say anything, but wrapped his arms around her. Her throat closed up tight. She turned in his arms and wound her arms around his waist. She only reached as high as his shoulders and ground her face against his chest.

“Baby,” he said, hurting for her.

She could smell his clean male scent underscored by his subtle aftershave. This was home.  He was home.  And she didn’t know what she would do if it all went away.

Holding her against him, Sam pressed his lips to her hair. “You’ll find a way through this, sweetheart.”

She didn’t see how she could find a way.  How she could ever find her way, but she held tight to him, needing his assurance.

He drew back enough to look at her. His eyes bore into hers.  “We’ll find a way through this.  I’m right here with you.”

Their relationship was new at just a few months old, untried.  Sam hadn’t signed on for a woman he was going to have to take care with and of.  She choked back bile at the thought of becoming a burden to him.     

He brushed his thumb over her cheek. “I’ve missed my partner.  Come on.  Let’s get to work.”           

She wanted to be back at her job with a need so powerful she could almost taste it.  But what kind of agent would she be now?

About Author Karen Fenech…

Karen Fenech is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense. Her books feature Navy SEALs and law enforcement heroes. When Karen’s not writing or spending time with her family, she loves to shop, watch movies, and just kick back in a comfortable chair and read.

The Protectors Series

The Malice Series

The Surrender Series

Gone / Betrayal / Unholy Angels — Standalones

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23 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Kidnapping #Romantic #Suspense: FEAR OF MALICE, The Malice Series Book 2 of 2 by Karen Fenech”

  1. This sounds like an exceptionally intense and suspenseful book with a lot of emotion. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glenda, thank you! Paige (the heroine) does have a lot going on in this installment of the Malice Series. She needs to come to terms with her injury and what that means for her both professionally and personally with Sam. Complicating matters even further is that Sam is not only the man she loves, but also her boss. What she does will impact the two of them on both levels.

    1. K.+A.+BYLSMA, Thank you for your lovely words! It’s so nice to know that you find my books engaging. Should you also read Fear of Malice, I hope you enjoy it as well.

  2. Good morning, and Wow!! Your book sounds and looks Very Intriguing, you have got me hooked, I love the blurb! Thank you for sharing it. Have a Great week.

    1. Alicia+Haney, thank you! I appreciate your interest very much. Paige (the heroine) has a great deal to work through in this second installment of the Malice Series. Wishing you a great week, too!

  3. Hi, Karen, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I cannot wait to read this one. The excerpt caught me and won’t let go. I love intense romantic suspense. My kind of read! Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

    1. Karen, thank you so much for your kind words about the excerpt and for hosting me today on your blog. I’m so happy to be here with you and with your readers!

      If anyone would like to receive a complimentary Kindle copy of Caught, my Protectors novella, please visit my website: karenfenech.com

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      I wish you all much happy reading! : )

  4. I love good suspense books. The premise of the story sounds interesting. Sam’s care and wanting to keep Paige in a job she loves so much shows much about his character. He is a good man. Paige is dealing with serious issues, both physically and mentally. The two cases involving agents adda good path for suspense.

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