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New Adult Romance


Mackenzie’s Distraction is a new adult romance novel with some humor tossed in. Mackenzie is a young lady trying to get her life on the right track. She was a wild child and is now trying to make it right. She thinks she’s finally getting there when tragedy strikes. Someone close to her ends up in a coma, then a long kept family secret is revealed. Just when she thinks it couldn’t get worse, she meets Trevor. They become friends, but then it gets complicated. Will Trevor be just what she needs or will he be what pushes her back to her old bad habits?


New Adult Romance


Mackenzie didn’t answer his call after she got off work that night. She also didn’t reply to his texts. The next morning she drove to the hospital. Trent went to work. She avoided Trevor’s calls and texts all morning. A little after noon there was a knock on the door. When she opened it, he didn’t wait for an invitation; Trevor walked right in. “Thought you said we would talk later? Now you are avoiding me. That’s not nice. Have a seat. I brought you Subway for lunch.”

“I’m not hungry. But thank you.”

“If you don’t eat, it will go to waste. And I know you don’t want me to waste my money.”

He started eating as she unwrapped her sandwich. “Wow! You remembered how I ordered my sub. It has been weeks since we went to Subway.”

“I pay attention to details, remember?” He gave her a quick, fake smile.

She took a bite of her sandwich.

He said, “Why won’t you talk to me?”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Sometimes you are totally comfortable and relaxed around me, other times you are a tight ball of nerves. I get that you are afraid of getting your heart broken or maybe even afraid of breaking mine, but sometimes you have to take chances. Sometimes it’s worth it; sometimes it’s not. I know it sucks, but get over it. I like you. I’m attracted to you. I feel something for you. And I am pretty damn sure you feel something too, otherwise you wouldn’t have kissed back. Even if you would have, it wouldn’t have been like that. Kisses like that have a lot of something fueling them. I know it wasn’t just me.”

“I am not going to sit here in front of my comatose mother and argue with you.”

“I don’t want to argue. I didn’t come to argue. I want you to know how I feel. I needed to tell you.”

“What do you want from me Trevor? The friendship thing didn’t quite work out and I’m not relationship material.”

“The friendship thing worked out fine, but it grew into more. Kinda like your brother and Julia’s situation, but apparently you won’t let yourself see that.” He took a sip of his drink and continued. “What do I want from you? I want you to get over your fear and let me in. I want a relationship with you.” He wadded up his wrapper and tossed it in the trash can from where he was sitting.

You can order Mackenzie’s Distraction at www.amazon.com/dp/B01BL4H20E. She’s got some great reviews on there, check it out.


In addition to Mackenzie’s Distraction, Angie Dokos has published her second new adult romance novel. Roadside introduces you to Zayne, Serena, and their friends. Zayne finds Serena’s lifeless body off the side of the road one morning. She has been beaten and left for dead. As she recovers, they become the best of friends. It doesn’t take long for Zayne’s feelings to grow stronger. Will the fear of ruining their friendship keep them from taking a chance on love? You can check it out at www.amazon.com/ROADSIDE-Angie-Dokos-ebook/dp/B0722T3Y58



Note from Angie: I would like to share one of my nephew’s favorite dishes that I make for Thanksgiving.

Sweet Potato Crunch

3 cups mashed sweet potatoes
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup soft butter or marg.
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs (beaten)
1 tsp. cinnamon

Mix together & put in buttered 2 qt. casserole dish.


1/2 cup melted marg.
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups oatmeal
1 cup chopped nuts

Combine & sprinkle over top of sweet potato mixture. Bake @ 350 degrees for approx. 40 mins.

Meet Author Angie Dokos…

Angie Dokos grew up in a small town in the North Georgia Mountains and now lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and children. She’s loved books and the outdoors for as long as she can remember. She says when she wasn’t reading, she was being read to. She wrote stories as a child, preteen drams while in middle school, and teenage fantasies in high school. She loves to travel, but doesn’t get to do it often enough. She has worked in the office for the same manufacturing company since 1999. In 2014, she and her teenage daughter started a school project which eventually led to her publishing her new adult romance novel, Mackenzie’s Distraction.  


Links to Angie’s website, blog, books, etc.

Angie can be found all over social media. She hangs out on Twitter and Facebook more than she should. Her links are listed here:

Amazon Roadside: https://amzn.to/2J3X15r

Amazon Mackenzie’s Distraction: https://amzn.to/2J6PBhJ










Thanks, Angie, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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  1. Good morning, Angie, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Really enjoyed your excerpt and that recipe sounds scrumptious. Thanks for sharing both with us today!

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