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Matchmaker Monster Romance


Two gargoyles face annihilation if they don’t deliver a queen. Here’s hoping their fated mate can save them all.

The Twin Gargoyles Who Would Be King

We’ve spent our long existence seeking the next Gargoyle Queen.

Centuries ago we failed and were banished to the cruelest existence.

That exile will be nothing next to the catastrophe the realms face if we fail our fated mate.

Too bad she has no idea we exist.

The Unsuspecting Human Who Might Be Queen

I’ve been invisible my entire life.

Wishing for the right someone to notice me, I tapped into something mystical and got so much more than I bargained for.

Now two gorgeous gargoyles insist I’m their queen and their mate…if I can survive the royal selection trials.

Will these fated mates fly away to find happily ever after? Or will a centuries-old rivalry destroy their world and ours?

With a fight for redemption, the cutest baby owl with not-so-secret powers, naughty flying fun, and a heroine addicted to tarot decks and shiny crystals, Gifted to the Gargoyles is a steamy, slow burn why choose in the Matchmaker Monster Romance series. The books promise a happily ever after for each of the four friends who walk into a haunted house, not knowing that monsters are real. Or that they’ve been matched to the monsters inside.


Matchmaker Monster Romance


The hurt in her eyes, the loneliness that reminds me of my own? It kills me. I’m fumbling for another reason to give Atticus to spare her, tripping over my own tongue, when Rosemarie spins toward the hospital bed, putting her back to us.

She touches her patient’s wrist and neck, checking for a pulse before stroking a hand over the man’s hair and closing his eyes. Her patient has crossed the Bridge of Souls. Rosemarie’s shoulders slump and her head drops as if the weight of grief and fatigue of all her work slams into her. I want to go to her, to comfort her, to not scare the ever-living shit out of her with my monstrous version of tenderness. She closes the blinds, stealing away our ability to watch her.

This woman gives everything to others, and I’ve nothing to offer her but more tragedy.

“You staying here through the day?” Atticus asks. “To catch up on your cartoons?”

I start to argue and then change my mind. I don’t need to explain myself to him. “You should try it. The kids in the pediatric wing watch an animated version of us that’s not bad. Completely unrealistic and with none of the Borderlands, but it’s entertaining.”

“I will never understand your fascination with their television shows.”

“You’ll wish you’d caught up on the last century or so when you’re trying to talk with Rosemarie.”

“I read.”

I snort. “Yeah. Quote some old philosophy bullshit to her. I’m sure that’ll win her heart.”

“I don’t need to win her heart.” Judging by the change in his tone and his hesitation, he’s lying. I know it. But he keeps talking, and I can’t decide if he’s trying to convince me or himself. “I simply need her to win the crown and take her rightful place as queen.”

Did my twin learn nothing from my colossal failure? “Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.” I settle in to wait. “It’s worth staying to watch Rosemarie leave.”

Atticus glances toward the east where the sky bleeds to grey in the distance. “Sunrise will be here soon. How much trouble can one human find before then?”

If only my twin could use that big brain of his to learn to keep his damn mouth shut.

About Author Luna Joya

Luna Joya writes steamy romances that are “wickedly delightful” (Publishers Weekly).

The “delightfully devious” Luna writes “action-packed paranormal romantic thrillers, singing with magical power and humming with sensuality that will leave readers breathless.” (InD’Tale Magazine). A survivor of traumatic brain injury with steel body parts, Luna lives in SoCal with her combat veteran husband and their two-pound terror of a rescue pup.


Links to Luna’s websites, blogs, books, #ad etc.:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3JvjwR0


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  1. Welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench, Luna. I love your books. They’re so much fun to read. Who doesn’t love sexy gargoyles? Love the cover, too. Having the heroine front and center in red focuses your attention on her, as their attention is focused on her. Great imagery. Can’t wait to read this one. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  2. Always a gargoyle fan…far too few,authors write them…thank you, Luna…very curious to see how this works out.
    Thanks, Luna and thanks, Karen…

  3. Never read a book like this but always wanted to just to see if I like it. Author is new to me so looking forward to reading books from this author. Excerpt from the book intrigued me.

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