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Photos Taken SomeDay
Military Action Fiction


There is a vision, maybe even a dream, that everyone has of the world around them and the road ahead. Jake wanted his to be different from all of those he had seen grow up around him. He had dreams that were embedded in tradition, loyalty, strength, and a desire to build a future that a small town vision could not hold. Savannah didn’t understand why he had joined the Army, but it didn’t matter to him; she would understand one day. This was something to which he could relate and that would get him to where he wanted to go!

There was no way that he could have even comprehended the change it would make in him: the brotherhood, adventure, sense of belonging . . . the explosions, the disfigurement, the nightmares, the demons. No, Jake could not have understood the destruction of a vision that he had planned out.

In the end would that loyalty, strength, brotherhood, and even Savannah survive the journey through hell or would he find himself on the wrong side of it all, facing the dark emptiness of the soul? One’s journey is never as what was hoped, but can it become more once the journey through the abyss is walked?

Photos Taken SomeDay is a raw, gritty, real look into the world of shattered reality and the fight between the “strong” image expected to be upheld and the shattered spirit that is shaking inside from battle fatigue.

Be ready for a ride that will take you deep inside the biggest battle one can face: the battle within. Photos Taken SomeDay will take you on a rollercoaster that seems to many times be flying off the tracks. Will the ride be worth it or just become another unfilled dream burning in the flames of a nightmare?

Photos Taken SomeDay
Military Action Fiction


Before we get started talking about your writing, tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, what you do for a living (if you’re not a full-time writer) what hobbies you have, etc. Whatever you’d like to share to introduce yourself.

I currently live in Colorado, and have been here (minus a few years) since 2021 when the military brought me here. I am an author, public speaker, mindset coach ,and veteran. I also am an advocate and speaker for mental health for veterans and first responders. I served in the military for 17 years, and then was a firefighter, law enforcement officer, and emt. I am married with six kids and one grandson. I am always on the go, and if I am not doing any of the previously mentioned things; I am outside.


1. What genre(s) do you write and why?

Photos Taken SomeDay is my fourth novel. My first three were fantasy based; angels, demons, mythology, etc. This one has been my first venture into drama, action, and general fiction. This novel has shown me that, even though I love my first three novels, this is where my calling is; and it truly is a calling. Creating a novel that has a message packed in it, and written from true experience.
2. If you were to choose one superpower, what would it be?
I have been asked this question often, and I usually laugh. I am really unsure. I am a practical thinker, and so everytime I can think of a superpower I think how it could be misused, or actually change my life, and I would never want to do that, because the life I have lived has given me the life I have.
3. Do you ever get stuck when you’re writing a book? What do you do to get “unstuck”?
I guess I do, but not usually. The reason is that my writing is very character driven. My characters are “real” to me, and I follow where they take me. I actually have never planned out a novel, but instead I am the one who documents the life of the characters, as if I am following them, and explaining what is happening in their life as an autobiographer.
4. What is your least favorite part of writing?
Never feeling I have enough time. I usually have my hand is so many different things that I have to set time aside to write. I love it, but also my heart and soul is pulled in so many directions.
5. If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?
I would most likely smoke some kind of meat with homemade dry rubs, or if the weather is good for it; I would make my 5 meat chili.
6. What is your typical day like?
I rarely sleep. It is not unusual for me to only get, maybe, 4 hours of sleep. I am always on the run, always planning, always networking, coaching, communicating.
7. What is most difficult for you to write? Characters, conflict or emotions? Why?
In Photos Taken SomeDay it was the emotion. This novel deals with PTSD and how it affects the Veteran, his loved ones, and even his military family. It was very real for me, and there were so many times that I had to fight back the darkness that I have grown through.
8. How likely are the people you meet going to end up in your next book?
In my first three books that would have been zero. This book however has a lot of rich stories that I have been able to adapt. I have spent hours sitting down and talking with veterans, their families, my military brothers, and even my family.
9. Tell us about your hero. Give us one of his strengths and one of his weaknesses.
My hero is my Dad. He has never allowed adversity to stop him. He has taken it on each step of the way.
10. Tell us about your next book & when is it being published?
My newest novel is Photos Taken SomeDay. (acronym PTSD) It is currently out, and can be found on amazon or www.authornathanparks.com

About Author Nathan Parks

People can follow me on instagram at Gritnation, TikTok: Gritnation, and on Facebook at my Facebook group: Author Nathan Parks


Links to Nathan’s websites, blogs, books, #ad etc.:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/4bpCBAG

Website: www.authornathanparks.com

FB Author Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/72307233700


Thanks, Nathan, for sharing your book with us!

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7 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench: PHOTOS TAKEN SOMEDAY #Military #Action #Fiction by Nathan Parks”

  1. Good morning, Nathan, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench blog. I know that PTSD is difficult for a lot of our veterans to deal with, and it never truly goes away, so it’s wonderful you were able to tap into your experiences for those of us who don’t know how it truly is. I’m sure it was also a major challenge for you. I know my FIL (he was Provost Marshal in Guam) could never really talk about his experiences during WWII, when they didn’t know what PTSD was or how to deal with it. Thank you for writing the book and sharing it with us today.

  2. I like how you have used your experience to write this book. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.

  3. My dad served in WW2, Korea and Vietnam. He wouldn’t talk about it. He said he went to war so we didn’t have to. I guess that, to him, talking about it with us would have been defeating the purpose. Since that time, I have read numerous items about what military personnel have gone through when serving in a battle zone. More people need to be made aware of just what those in the armed forces have to endure.

    1. Hi, Jaylee. Thanks for stopping by. I think many who served feel the same way. I know my father-in-law wouldn’t talk about his experiences in WW2 and I have known Vietnam vets who felt the same.

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