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Psychological Fiction


Death Can Be A Real Drag…

A killer who leaves next to no clues is decimating the Portland Oregon drag scene and Detective Rorie Dawson is tasked with solving the crime.  Bizarre from the beginning the cases add up quickly and what few clues there are seem to lead in the direction of the one person Rorie knows isn’t capable of such violence: a young man named Jackson.  

A former runaway who was taken in by friends of Rorie’s brother, Gray, and his husband, Marcus, Jackson Strider overcame vicious abuse in a conversion center and is now a fledgling drag performer with an eye for fashion and a very subdued personality. When video surfaces placing Jackson at more than one crime scene Rorie knows she has her work cut out for her – especially since her partner, Ben, is positive Jackson is guilty, especially when the people closest to the young man wind up dead.

But Rorie isn’t that easily swayed. She knows Jackson. Knows what he went through. Knows who he is now and knows that whoever is doing this, for whatever reason, is trying to frame Jackson for numerous deaths.  Fighting an uphill battle with Ben, trying to keep her brother and his fellow performers alive and keep Jackson out of jail proves to be a major undertaking that results in more than one stakeout, more than one pursuit and, ultimately, a shocking turn of events that reveal a startling truth that nobody but Jackson knew, yet even his knowledge was not complete. And when the truth ultimately comes out it proves that what people think they know about someone and what they really know can be two very different scenarios.

Psychological Fiction

EDITOR’S NOTE: Edited for some language. Excerpt might be too descriptive for some sensitive readers.


“Detective Dawson, this came in for the task force leader.” One of the mailroom girls strolled into Rorie’s office, a five by seven envelope in hand.

“That would be me. Wasn’t the mail already distributed hours ago?” She accepted the package with an amused smile, it was close to five.

 “Affirmative. This one was hand delivered down at the desk. Security had me bring it up.” The young woman grinned and strolled on out.

Sometimes people just couldn’t wait for the post office to deliver what they thought a detective needed to hear from them.

Rorie slid the letter opener across the top of the envelope and stifled a yawn. She needed more coffee.

The exhaustion evaporated the moment she pulled the contents of the package out. Pictures and a wad of tissue. What the f**k was this?

Setting the tissue aside she looked at the first picture, immediately recognizing its subject: Ed Ross – as Teena Clarette – sitting demurely on a sofa and looking like she was sleeping but something in her gut told her otherwise. Rorie began to flip through the pictures in her hand, pictures that were obviously taken in sequence, the first basically tame – Teena sitting, Teena leaning, Teena lying on the same sofa, Teena with perfect makeup and jewelry wearing the gown she’d worn in the Christmas extravaganza at Hunty’s a few holidays ago.

Ed was dead.  In spite of the makeup Rorie could see the pallor and hue waxing the performer’s skin.

The realization still didn’t prepare her for the fourth picture in: Teena still laying there, her head parked next to her neck. There was dark blood splotching the material of the sofa indicating that Teena had indeed been deceased and probably for at least a day given the blood’s color. “F**K.” The word rang loud enough that it brought Ben and Clive into her office, alarm on their faces.

“Rorie? Are you okay in here?” Ben sounded concerned.

“No, no I’m not.” She gingerly sat the pictures on the desk and rose from her chair, reaching for gloves at the same time. “Get evidence up here asap.”

“What the hell is wrong?”

“That’s Ed Ross, one of Gray’s regular show runners – one of his best, the famous one. These pictures show him dead and decapitated and who knows what else? This package was dropped downstairs for me, security had one of the mail girls bring it up. She touched the outside, I touched the contents. We really need them to go over this ASAP.” Rorie carefully picked up the tissue wad, slowly uncrumpling it, there was something inside, she could feel it.

“What is that?” Clive stepped closer.

“It was in the envelope with the pictures.” She eased the paper back, steeling herself with the knowledge that whatever was inside the paper was not going to be good.

And she was right.

It was one of Ed’s ears – with the earring still attached.

About Author Mia Fisher…

Mia Fisher has been in publishing for over twenty-five years and has had books in numerous genres through the years. Starting with historical romance, she moved forward into both non-fiction and contemporary romance before settling comfortably in mystery/suspense.


Links to Mia’s websites, blogs, books, #ad etc.:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Drag-Death-Mia-Fisher/dp/B0C1HZYBN2/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1684031130&sr=8-2-spons

Contact Info:  www.miafishersuspense.com


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  1. Good morning, Mia, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I really enjoy a good thriller/mystery. I think this scene would wake me up, too, even without coffee! Yikes. The book promises to be an exciting read. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Hi Mia, very nice to meet you. Wow, your book sounds so very intriguing and the cover looks very intriguing also! Thank you for sharing your excerpt with us, it already has me hooked! I love to read Mystery, Suspense Psychological thrillers, and your book sounds Great! Have a great day and a great rest of the week. Thank you for the chance!

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