Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Romantic #Comedy: HOT SET, Behind the Scenes Book 1 by Leslie O’Sullivan

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Behind the Scenes Book 1


The hottest couple on a wildly popular TV romance can’t compete with the sizzle behind the camera.

Gilly Bettencourt is almost as fed up with writing witty descriptors for a sportswear catalog as she is with her on-the-sly workplace relationship with the CEO’s son that makes her feel like a dirty little secret.

After catching her boyfriend with another woman, Gilly leaps at the opportunity to head to Ireland as a writer’s assistant on the much-anticipated TV show, The Chieftain’s Son, an Irish historical drama based on an insanely best-selling series of romance novels.

When Gilly meets Jack O’Leary, star of the series, passion blazes between the two. Unfortunately, the show insists on branding Jack as an available heartthrob—landing Gilly in the type of hush hush relationship she crossed an ocean to forget.

Can their love affair survive the demands of the show’s PR machine, or is Gilly doomed to be typecast as the girl behind the scenes?


Behind the Scenes Book 1


When we finish our tenth hole, I point to the retreating figure of our elusive teammate. “How do we know Secret Agent Jay is being honest with his score?”

Doolin and Bobby, the other half of our foursome, let loose twin explosive laughs.

The usually stoic Doolin lays a fatherly arm over my shoulders and flicks a finger in Jay’s direction. “Ms. Gilly, you’re looking at the most honest man in Ireland. That one there’s got integrity tattooed on his bum.”

I smile at Doolin. “Just no people skills?”

We catch up to Jay two holes later. In an unspoken pact, we give him exclusive rights to the tee box. He begins his requisite three practice swings.

Oh, God.

That backswing—that hitch at the top. What the man could accomplish if he’d just add fluidity to his swing.

At the apex of his third backswing, I knock my head against the steering wheel of the cart and groan. “I can’t watch anymore.”

Bobby, who’s selecting a club from his bag saunters over to me. “What?”

I turn my back on the tee. “Jay’s backswing. He’s got this funky hitch at the top that totally kills his momentum. If he wasn’t all muscle, his ball wouldn’t get any distance.”

“That so?”

The voice behind me is not Doolin.

Oh, crap.

Jay heard me. Slowly, I turn toward him. He’s so tall, he bends quite a way to peer into the golf cart. I get an extreme close-up of the muscles bulging under his baseball jersey. His build isn’t gross like weightlifters in TV competitions. Jay’s body is solid and formed in a way that would make a sculptor weep with joy to have him as a model. Before my gawking becomes embarrassing, he slides onto the seat next to me in the cart and pulls off his cap. The hair lump, now free from elastic, cascades in golden waves to his shoulders.

Man bun down.

Who is this guy? Freakin’ Achilles?

“What would you have me do?”

His Irish accent is as lyrical as Doolin’s is crusty. The strong chin is just a tease of a man so gorgeous God could have retired after creating this guy. From high, broad cheekbones, his face tapers gracefully down to a chin dimple. Along his jawline are three identical, tiny moles right in a row. I want to touch them and count one, two, three. Jay’s lips are the color of a blush and full enough to be inviting, but not so big as to produce sloppy kisses.

I am staring.

I want to stare more.


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16 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Romantic #Comedy: HOT SET, Behind the Scenes Book 1 by Leslie O’Sullivan”

  1. So nice o meet you, Leslie!

    Love this excerpt… The mortification… Who hasn’t been caught like this at one time or another?

    Thanks, Leslie and Karen

  2. Good morning, Leslie, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I loved the excerpt. Romantic comedy is such a fun way to watch a relationship grow. So many great opportunities for misunderstandings and embarrassing revelations. Looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  3. Good afternoon, I enjoyed reading this excerpt, sounds like a fun read. Thank you for sharing it. Have a great day and a great week.

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