Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Steamy #Billionaire & #Virgin #Romance: AWAKENED BY A BILLIONAIRE, Lovechilde Saga Book 1 by J.J. Sorell

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Lovechilde Saga Book 1



He saved her life… now she’s become his obsession.

It was the worst night of my life.

I was tricked into working at a sleazy gentleman’s club, drugged and dragged into an alley way when… Out of nowhere, a dashing hero saves me and changes everything.

He gives me a place to stay, but the next morning I slip away because I’m too embarrassed to thank him in person.

After that, I never thought I would see him again.

But, I was wrong.

Months later, I’m working as a live-in maid at the Lovechilde estate, a wealthy family with very sexy and eligible billionaire sons.

I fall head over heels for the eldest, Declan. A former SAS soldier, he’s a true gentleman and sets my heart on fire.

So, imagine my shock when I learn it’s the same man who saved me all those nights ago.

As much as I want to, I don’t think I could ever give myself to him.

Between his overbearing mother and the unscrupulous older man chasing after me, I can’t risk letting myself develop a crush…but, something tells me it’s already too late.

Men have always scared me. I’ve never even been in love before.

But with Declan, I feel like I’m about to be dragged into a wild roller coaster with no escape…

Dive into this thrilling Steamy Billionaire and Virgin Romance novel and watch your deepest fantasies come alive. With a heavy dose of Action and Adventure and a dramatic HEA conclusion, Awakened by a Billionaire is both a HEA romance novel and the first in a series that delves into the mysterious and powerful Lovechilde Dynasty. While book 1 ends with a satisfying HEA for Declan and Theadora, there are ongoing and overarching themes of deceit, secrets, and retribution that stretch over the entire series.

Lovechilde Saga Book 1


“Mr. Lovechilde, this is Theadora, our new maid.”

He returned his attention straight back to me. Like he might have missed something by looking away. My face burned as he stood so close, I could smell him.

His cologne rushed through me like a divine drug. The scent triggered all kinds of emotions. Like those intoxicating smells that flush us with comforting nostalgia. Only it was generally mowed grass or roses: nature’s smells, not a tall, sexy billionaire’s cologne.

Meet Author J.J. Sorel…

JJ Sorel whiles away her day writing Steamy Romance novels. She loves conjuring up slightly damaged, seductive men who fall madly in love with smart, quirky women. Her novels have been translated into four languages.

To find out more about her work, check out her website https://jjsorel.com/


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  1. Good morning, J.J., and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love billionaire stories, especially when they become protectors. Looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Now we’re talking, a book that’s steamy or better and a romance one to boot. I love what sounds like great read from all the plot and story lines. Boy would I love to read this book in print.
    Would love to read & review book in print format.
    Hope I Win

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