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The Five Kingdoms Compete Series 1



Dive into an epic tale of magic, intrigue, and deadly politics, spiced with a pinch of romance and overshadowed by the mortal threat of a deity at war with itself.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I started reading ‘The Prince’s Man’, but the reality blew me away.” ★★★★★ Review

Rustam Chalice serves the spy-master prince with loyalty and enthusiasm – especially when that means smooching high-born ladies for pillow talk. But when a threat to the kingdom escalates from political shenanigans to the very real danger of a coup, life turn more deadly.

Lady Risada’s service to the prince is a mutually beneficial pact. As the royal assassin, Risada deals with the kingdom’s more dangerous rogues, while using the prince’s spy network to tease out hints of the identity of her parents’ murderer. Being ordered to work with the meddlesome ladies-man, Chalice, is both an unpleasantness and an imposition, and yet she accepts the need to lower her standards for the good of the kingdom.

Manipulating things from behind the scenes, the opposing halves of the land’s dual-natured deity wreak havoc with the lives of their followers. Kings, queens, princes, nobles, and commoners alike; all are subject to the schemes and subterfuges visited upon them as the two sides of the deity vie for ascendency.

In a world fraught with deadly political machinations, in a land stolen from the elves, will humanity and elf-kind survive, or will all be laid to waste as divine powers overwhelm the races’ natural magics?

The Five Kingdoms Compete Series 1



Rustam laid the elf in the shade beneath an ancient spreading oak. His breathing was audible now, but that was no more reassuring. Now it rasped and bubbled like a drowning fisherman, and when Rustam touched his face, the skin burned.

He looked around for Risada and found her kneeling by the stream, scooping water in her cupped hands. She had removed the net and hat, and her pale golden hair tumbled down her back, kinked into waves by its confinement. Rustam’s eyes fixed for a moment on the graceful arch of her throat.

He shook himself. “My Lady?” he called softly, aware that she was still furious with him.

She glanced up, frowned, and then rose to her feet. “Yes?”

Rustam pointed at the supine elf.

“What do you expect me to do about it?” she inquired icily.

Rustam shrugged. “I don’t know. I just thought you might have some idea; he’s hot as a baker’s oven.”

“What did you expect? He has very little chance of surviving this journey.” The sunlight faded from the clearing and Risada glanced up at the clouds beginning to amass overhead. “Especially if winter decides to break early.”

She knelt down beside the elf and touched his flushed cheek and forehead. “He has a fever—”

“That’s what I said!”

If you will let me finish? In my saddle-bags you will find a small twist of blue paper. No, the other side. Yes, that’s it. Bring it over here with a canteen.”

From the paper she took two pinches of powder and mixed them with a small amount of water in the canteen cup.

“Hold his mouth open.”

Slowly Risada dribbled the potion into the elf’s mouth, holding his jaw closed when he choked and gagged. Then, satisfied that he had swallowed enough, she rinsed the cup and stood up. “That should reduce the fever, always supposing he responds like a human. It’s all I can do; I’m not an apothecary.”

Rustam tightened the horses’ girths while Risada filled the canteens. They had just remounted when thundering hooves pounded down the slope behind them and three riders burst into the clearing.

On the edge of his vision Rustam saw Risada drop the bay mare’s reins, draw her dagger and raise a blowpipe to her lips in one fluid set of movements, while he struggled awkwardly to free his sword from the saddle scabbard beneath his left thigh.

Nightstalker pranced eagerly, destroying the tiny moment of concentration he needed to snap his mind into high speed. The unconscious elf bounced in front of him, blocking his view. He cursed and curbed the mare sharply. She half reared in protest.

The glint of a blade sliced towards him. Rustam threw himself sideways just as Nightstalker squealed and lashed out with her hind feet. Already off balance, Rustam slithered from the saddle pulling the elf with him, and they crashed heavily to the ground.

Hooves rose and fell finger distance from his face, trying to trample him, and they might have succeeded had his beloved black mare not lunged at the attacker’s brown gelding with her teeth bared.

Rustam rolled away, finally managed to shift his time sense, regained his feet and darted in beside Nightstalker. He dragged his sword free with a satisfying rasp of metal on leather. The soldier, dressed in Melcard’s maroon livery, guided his frightened gelding around the angry mare, and with a curdling battle cry attacked Rustam. His sword arced downward and Rustam ducked, twisted around as the horse passed him, and sliced upward. A severed arm thudded to the ground at his feet.

Uttering a hysterical shriek, the soldier dropped his reins, and his horse lurched to a confused halt. The man sat frozen in shock, gazing without comprehension at his bleeding stump. Rustam sprinted forward, swerved around the spurting jet of bright blood—no point soiling yet another shirt—caught hold of his victim’s sword-belt and dragged him from his saddle. One quick dagger thrust ended the man’s worry.

Rustam turned to see Risada not faring so well. The blowpipe was nearly useless against fast moving armoured targets, and her dagger was too short to menace their swords. She was still mounted, but one rider was circling to get behind her.

Rustam vaulted into his saddle. Nightstalker grunted an objection at his rude arrival but bounded obediently forward. One soldier’s back was towards him; the other saw him coming and cried out. The nearer one began to turn, pirouetting his horse on its haunches, but Rustam’s charge brought him quickly within range and although the man managed to raise his sword awkwardly to parry Rustam’s first blow, it flew from his grasp and the backswing sliced through his neck.

Turning to confront the last of their attackers, Rustam found only an empty saddle. The man lay spread-eagled on the grass, a tiny yellow feather adhering to his exposed throat.

Risada was already off her horse, kneeling beside the sprawled tangle of limbs that was the elf. As Rustam jumped down from Nightstalker’s back to join her, she rose gracefully to her feet.

“Somehow I don’t think falling on top of him has helped his chances of survival.”

Meet Author Deborah Jay…

Deborah Jay writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy featuring complex, quirky characters and multi-layered plots – just what she likes to read.

Fortunate to live near Loch Ness in the majestic, mystery-filled Scottish Highlands with her partner and a pack of rescue dogs, she can often be found lurking in secluded glens and forests, researching locations for her books.

She has a dream day job riding, training, and judging, competition dressage horses and riders, and also writes books and magazine features on the subject under her professional name of Debby Lush.

A lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, she started writing her first novel aged eight, and has never stopped. Her first published novel is epic fantasy, THE PRINCE’S MAN, winner of a UK Arts Council award and a best seller in the US, Australia and Canada. #2 in The Five Kingdoms series, THE PRINCE’S SON, #3, THE PRINCE’S PROTÉGÉ, and #4, THE PRINCE’S HEIR, the concluding book in the quartet, are all available.

Her first urban fantasy, DESPRITE MEASURES, about a Scottish water sprite, is the opening novel of the CALEDONIAN SPRITE SERIES. The companion short story, SPRITE NIGHT is available FREE on most ebook retailers.


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  1. Good morning, Deborah, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love epic fantasy with lords, and ladies, and interfering gods who make a mess of human lives. I’m intrigued, and looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  2. This series sounds and looks like an incredible read for a series. I love reading a series of books especially in print format.
    Deborah is a new author to me but would love to try her books and winning this series would be a good way to try her books
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