Karen’s Killer Drop-In ~ 02-07-13 ~ Catching Up


[[Welcome to my weekly writer’s diary where I’ll share my “Woot Woot!” moments and the not so “woot woot” moments of my writing world. And, yes, I might even share the occasional musing or two about reading and writing, two of my favorite things!]]


Dear Diary,

            It’s Thursday ~ 02/07/13 ~ and…

I haven’t been consistent with my diary entries lately.  My only excuse is that I’ve been exceedingly busy, and January was a tough month and I’m frantically working to catch up.

Losing one of my dearest friends and critique partner (12 years) was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced.  I have yet to make peace with her loss, but I have been reminded that life is too short not to take what life has to offer and enjoy every minute of it. As a result, I’ve been taking more time for me and my family and friends, smelling the roses. Not sitting 16-18 hours a day at my computer. Finding a new schedule is challenging but I’ll get it sorted out.

Last month, I conducted my last online workshop, The “W” Plot…Or The Other White Meat for Plotters, for the Southern Tier Authors of Romance (STAR). I’ve taught the course for nine years and it was time to take a hiatus. I had a wonderful “last” class. The students were active and fun and talented. It was enjoyable working with them. The workshop will be available in its entirety on my website and I am scheduled to conduct the full-day version for the Saguaro Romance Writers in Tucson in October.

I’m busily trying to get ahead of my blogs and other work because I have another round of knee surgery scheduled for next week. Yay!  I did so well with my left knee I’m really looking forward to a matched set! 🙂  Can’t say I’m looking forward to the first few weeks of recovery but it will force me to sit still so I’m planning to get some writing done. With everything that’s happened in last couple of months Killing Secrets has languished. If all goes well, I’ll finish it in the next month and it can be my birthday present to everyone.

While I’m talking books, to celebrate the one year anniversary on Valentine’s Day of my romantic comedy release, Satin Pleasures, I’m going to give it away for three days!  If you haven’t had a chance to pick up this cute and sassy romance, now’s your chance.  Satin Pleasures will be FREE on Kindle February 12 – 14, 2013. If you already have the book and enjoyed the story, please spread the word to all of your friends.  If you did enjoy Dan’s and Tess’s story, please consider sharing a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Shelfari?  Thank you for sharing with other readers!

I’m getting excited about attending the RomCon 2013 readers’ convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado in June. I’ve spent part of this week connecting with almost 100 other authors already registered. We have five months to finalize all of the details of the convention.  I’m helping with programs.  I can’t wait to meet some of my favorite authors as well as mingle with readers. I’ve attended every year and had a blast each time.

For those who don’t know what RomCon is, it’s an annual convention where authors and readers get together and meet, mingle, play games, have intimate chats and workshops, enjoy fabulous food, dress up and just have a great time. For more information or to register, go to http://www.romcon.com/ and click on Convention. I’d love to meet you there!

Despite the fact I will be in the hospital for much of next week, please do stop by my blog so you don’t miss my special author guest, Anna Brentwood, and her interview and Book Bench sneak peek. I’ll share a never-before-seen excerpt from Satin Pleasures on Tuesday and have an extra special recipe on Friday’s Killer Fixin’s blog.

Make your week a good one!

See you next Thursday for another rousing entry in Karen’s Diary Drop-In….


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