Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **Author Special** Marilyn Levinson


Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **AUTHOR SPECIAL**

Welcome to my Friday bonus feature called Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **Author Special**!!  Today, in lieu of one of my own recipes, I’m going to introduce you to a new author who will share one of her recipes. Not only will you and I occasionally learn how to make something new and delicious, but we’ll get a chance to check out some wonderful authors.

Introducing author, MARILYN LEVINSON, and her favorite recipe for Honeyed Carrots!

BOOK PEEK ~ Giving Up The Ghost

Gabbie Meyerson moves to the sleepy town of Chrissom Harbor, Long Island, to teach English at the local high school. She settles into her rental cottage above the Long Island Sound and discovers she has a housemate–the ghost of Cameron Leeds, who used to live in the cottage. Cam insists his death was no accident, and implores Gabbie to find out who murdered him eight months ago. After she recovers from her initial shock, Gabbie agrees to investigate. She soon discovers many people had reason to want Cam dead.


Giving Up The Ghost by Marilyn Levinson

My new mystery, GIVING UP THE GHOST, is out in e-book format. Gabbie Meyerson moves to Chrissom Harbor, a village on Long Island, to teach English at the local high school. She discovers she’s sharing her cottage with the ghost of Cameron Leeds, the previous owner. Cam, the town’s former bad-boy, romeo, and wheeler-dealer, wants Gabbie to prove his death was no accident. Trouble is, Cam has no idea who killed him. Gabbie sets out to find his murderer. She talks to his former friends and lover and learns, to her dismay, that any one of several people might have done him in.

Aside from being a whodunit, several themes course through the novel. Gabbie is embarking on a new life. She’s recently been divorced, after having helped put her ex-husband in prison for criminal misdeeds. She’s now too poor to own a cell phone, and is nervous about teaching teenagers again for the first time in years. Her students are reading THE GREAT GATSBY. Through class discussions and assignments, Gabbie encourages them to understand the novel’s universal themes and their relevancy to their own lives. She also has to deal with two bullies who torment one of her students.

Busy as she is, Gabbie finds herself drawn to the local lawman, who was Cam’s best friend. Her first hurdle is to get Darren to reopen the case. A child disappears, someone else is murdered, and Gabbie’s life in put in danger.


  About the author, Marilyn Levinson….

Marilyn Levinson is a former Spanish teacher who writes mysteries and novels for kids. Her debut mystery novel, A MURDERER AMONG US, was awarded a Best Indie of 2011 by Suspense Magazine. She lives on Long Island with her husband, Bernie, and their cat, Sammy.

Connect with Marilyn….

Mysteries and children’s books by Marilyn Levinson available at:

I hope you enjoy today’s Killer Fixin’s.  Happy eating!


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This is a recipe I made up.  It’s easy and there are no measurements. The carrots are yummy, and I’ve never had any leftovers.

Wash, peel and cut up carrots. Or use baby carrots. Heat in microwave until they’re cooked but still firm. In a frying pan, melt a few tablespoons of butter. Dry carrot pieces and saute in butter over low to medium heat. Add honey (I’d say a few Ts), a pinch of salt, onion powder, dried parsley, and continue stirring. If adding fresh parsley, do this a minute before removing from heat. You can add pistachios or sauteed mushrooms if you like.


**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Marilyn will give away one eBook or PDF copy of GIVING UP THE GHOST to one lucky reader who comments before Sunday, May 13th, at 6 PM!  Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, May 14th!  Thanks, Marilyn, for sharing your story and recipe with us!

15 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **Author Special** Marilyn Levinson”

  1. I love the premise for “Giving up the Ghost”. Sounds like a fun read. And carrots are one of my favorite vegetables. I’m always looking for easy recipes!


  2. Marilyn,
    GIVING UP THE GHOST sounds marvelous–and your recipe, too!
    Thanks for having Marilyn as a guest. You have an awesome website!

  3. Dear Jana, Karen, and Kaye,
    Thanks for your kind words. So glad you like the cover. Do try the carrots. Vegetables should be tasty and not something we’re obliged to eat for health reasons.

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