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Eileen Dreyer

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with Eileen Dreyer w/a Kathleen Korbel!

Welcome to my Friday bonus feature called Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **Author Special**!! Today, in lieu of one of my own recipes, I’m going to introduce you to a new author who will share one of her favorite recipes. Not only will you and I occasionally learn how to make something new and delicious, but we’ll get a chance to check out some wonderful authors. Introducing author, Eileen Dreyer, and her favorite recipe for CRAWFISH ÉTOUFFÉE!

Korel Classics: The Humorous Collection


Pete Cooper and Brooke Ferguson were once childhood friends who spent evenings watching TV with Pete’s Aunt Mamie.

Now Pete is a famous cable news anchor who earned his stripes in war zones, and Brooke watches Pete on the same old TV in the same small town.

Then Aunt Mamie passes away, and everything changes.

When Pete and Brooke set out on a road trip to fulfill Mamie’s last wishes, they discover more than tornadoes, Hell’s Angels, New Orleans Jazz Funerals, and one unique antebellum mansion. They find they might just be falling in love.

Korel Classics: The Humorous Collection


As she solemnly processed down Bourbon Street next to Pete, Brooke could see the lush foliage of courtyards beyond plain facades and hear the chatter of water from hidden fountains tucked away behind. She could hear the ever-present wail of guitars and clarinets and smell the river and the filé of gumbo. A dozen different languages floated across the narrow streets, and a hundred different pitches of laughter danced on the heavy air like helium balloons. The city barely paused as the funeral procession passed. The Vieux Carre was honoring death by celebrating life.

Clad in gaudy satin cutaway coats, their fans attached to their belts, their top hats cocked just so, the Second Chance Brass Band progressed in slow, matched step down the cobbles, a mournful dirge floating from their gleaming brass instruments. Following behind in perfect rhythm stepped the official mourners, faces downcast, gaily decorated parasols swaying gently above, white-gloved sympathy for the bereaved.

And then, from one step to the next, from somewhere inside a single note, they swung from solemn grief straight into joy. From dirge into anthem, bass drum-pounded, trumpet-throated celebration that carried with it life and laughter and joy.   The Saints Go Marching In ricocheted off the old buildings and incited smiles from the sidewalk audiences. Children danced along with old men, and strangers ran from shop entrances and restaurants to join the impromptu parade, purloined napkins waving above their heads. And right in their midst, Pete and Brooke and Alex and Rene danced along, giving Mamie the tribute she really deserved. Because if anyone would have understood why these old men danced down a hot street in New Orleans swinging their parasols and clapping their hands and prizing miracles from battered old instruments, it would have been Mamie.

読書About the author…Eileen Dreyer w/a Kathleen Korbel.

New York Times bestselling, RWA Hall of Fame author Eileen Dreyer has published 31 romance novels in most genres, 8 medical­forensic suspenses, and 10 short stories.

2015 sees Eileen enjoying critical acclaim for her foray into historical romance, the Drake’s Rakes series, which Eileen labels as Regency Romantic Adventure that follows a group of Regency aristocrats who are willing to sacrifice everything to keep their country safe. She is also working on her first non­fiction book, TRAVELS WITH DAVE, about a journey she’s been taking with a friend’s ashes.

A retired trauma nurse, Eileen lives in her native St. Louis with her husband, children, and large and noisy Irish family, of which she is the reluctant matriarch. She has animals but refuses to subject them to the limelight.


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I hope you enjoy the recipe Eileen is sharing with us today on Karen’s Killer Fixin’s. Happy eating!


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[Serves 4]

8 pounds fresh crawfish, washed
8 tablespoons butter
6 medium onions, chopped
½ cup celery, chopped
½ teaspoon tomato paste
½ cup water
½ teaspoon corn starch
Salt, Pepper, and cayenne to taste
2 tablespoons green onions, chopped
2 tablespoons parsley, minced

Place crawfish in large container of boiling water. Remove from heat and let stand for 5 minutes. Drain, remove heads, peel and devein. In a large saucepan, melt butter. Add onions, celery and tomato paste. Cook until tender. Add crawfish tails. In a small bowl, combine water and corn starch. Stir into onion mixture, stirring constantly. Add salt, pepper, and cayenne. Bring to a boil and cook 10 minutes. Add onion tops and parsley. Serve over rice or pasta.

From New Orleans Cookin’ in the Big Easy


Burst_08**SPECIAL GIVEAWAY**:  Eileen is giving away a ebook copy of her novel ISN’T IT ROMANTIC to a reader who comments on her Karen’s Killer Fixin’s blog. Don’t miss the chance to read this book! Thanks, Eileen, for sharing your story with us!

5 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **Author Special** with Eileen Dreyer”

  1. Good morning, Eileen, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Cute cover! Sounds like a cute story, too. Thanks for sharing with us today.

    I can’t wait to get home from RomCon so I can try out this recipe. Yummy!

  2. Eileen, the crawfish sound really good. I’m excited that you live in St Louis. I did know that from back when I read some of your mysteries but I had forgotten that fact. Go Cards!

  3. I’m curious now about the backstory…I only wish this were a paper back book because I enjoy paperback so much more and can pass it along to like minded readers! Thanks for the intro, Karen!

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