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Welcome to my Friday bonus feature called Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **Author Special**!! Today, in lieu of one of my own recipes, I’m going to introduce you to a new author who will share one of her favorite recipes. Not only will you and I occasionally learn how to make something new and delicious, but we’ll get a chance to check out some wonderful authors. Introducing author, CANDI FOX, and her favorite recipe for GARLIC ALE PORK LOIN ROAST and TURKEY ON THE GAS GRILL!


The Naked Truth Series Book 1



Ten years ago, the world as we know it changed. The shift is what it became known as. Overnight, paranormal beings came out of the proverbial closet. Something in reality had shifted. Those who had no idea they were paranormal were awakened to a new reality. Ten years in and Harlowe Lake Kelly, Harley to her friends, is back in her small Oklahoma town, widowed and striking out in a new career, namely, a successful magic agency. Her uncanny abilities at using potions, spells, and other means at solving supernatural crimes, thrust her into a partnership with local law enforcement. Things would be great if it wasn’t for the three sexy, but deadly, men who stand at all corners of her new life. Lucien, the ancient, alluring Vampire who has made it clear he wants more than Harley’s luscious curves. Cowboy, who wants to possess her in every way imaginable, and Aiden. The newcomer who has strict orders from his Vampire boss… but she senses has his own agenda. But in a world where things and beings are never what they seem, life isn’t promised and love comes with many strings. So what’s a girl to do to untangle those strings?

The Naked Truth Series Book 1



Harley awoke with a start. She was out of breath, panting heavily and her thighs were soaked.

Alarmed, she felt her neck. She didn’t feel any puncture wounds. She bounded out of the bed and into the bathroom. Flipping on the bathroom light she waited until her eyes adjusted before looking in the mirror.

There were he had bitten her in the dream were two marks that looked like freckles. Harley had a few freckles, many redheads did, but not there. She had never had freckles in that spot before.

What in the hell was going on? It had just been a dream. It had to be a dream. Shaken, she suddenly realized that her feet had not pained her when she ran to the bathroom. She sat on the counter bending her legs to look at her feet. One by one she looked. They were completely healed.

With shaking hands, she undid the bandages around her arm. The wound inflicted by the Gargoyle was also completely healed.

Harley wanted to know what was going on, and she wanted to know right now. She strode to the door, forgetting it was locked until she tried to get out.

A quick spell later and she was walking down a long hall to the stairway. By the time, she got to the bottom of the stairs, Zoe and her goons were there waiting.

“How did you get out of your room and what are you doing?” Zoe screeched.

“First, I thought I was a guest and not a prisoner. Secondly, I need to speak to Luciano and I need to speak to him right now.”

“You don’t give the orders around here. Get back to your room, before I take you back to your room. You won’t like it very much if I have to take you back.”

Harley was not fazed by her threats. She should have been, yet she was too angry to care one little bit.

“I want to speak with Luciano, now!”

Zoe advanced on her with a quickness that only vampires had. Harley was surprised when there was no impact. Instead, Aiden had a hold of Zoe.

“I don’t think the boss wants our guest harmed, Zoe.”

“Let me go jester, or I will rip your throat out.”

“Try it cupcake.” His lips curled into an evil smile. He started laughing. Immediately he dropped Zoe and stood behind Harley covering her ears. She could feel his chest rumbling with laughter. Seconds later, Zoe and crew were on the floor gasping in pain.

She could hear Zoe screaming. Blood coming out of her nose and ears. Aiden stopped as suddenly as he started and uncovered Harley’s ears.

“Follow me and I will take you to Luc.”

Harley followed him silently. She wasn’t sure what to think, and even less sure what to say. Aiden had not only saved her from being attacked by Zoe, he had also made sure she and her goons were incapacitated.

She did hope he didn’t get in hot water with Luciano for helping her out. A few minutes later he knocked on a set of double doors.

Everyone thought the Joker was just a comic book character until the paranormal world collided with reality ten years ago.

The comic book character came to life in the jesters with their supernatural powers. They gave life to everyone’s worst fears and fan’s greatest hopes.

These maniacal pranksters were the enforcers and assassins of what would become known as the dark side of a very real paranormal world.

Jesters were ruthless, they were cunning, they were nightmares come to life. Their bright green locks were imitated all over the world by their fans.

No, they did not have painted on clown faces. Though some of them were quite pale. They varied in shade from the lightest light to the darkest dark. Skin tone did not denote a jester.

They came in all shapes and sizes, looking human save for the green hair. If you couldn’t sense the paranormal energy there would be no way to know you were dealing with a jester and not a fan who dyed their hair.

Most people couldn’t figure it out until it was too late. Jesters weren’t exactly known for their social visits. Though if they weren’t there to kill you, they were there to party. Jesters were well known for their copious amounts of drug and alcohol use.

What Harley couldn’t figure out is why he had helped her. Perhaps her host had ordered him to keep her safe.

He knocked on the door. “Luc, our guest would like to have a word with you.”


Luciano was lounging on a large black four poster bed. It was easily the biggest bed she had ever seen. He was wearing black silk trousers; the bedding was the same scarlet color of her hair. The same near blood color that her gown had been in the dream.

“What an unexpected surprise. I hope you are well.” He smiled at her.

Harley, still keyed up from the dream as well as finding herself fully healed, didn’t censor her response.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Whatever do you mean?”

Harley was a bit uncomfortable having this conversation in front of Aiden. At this point, her anger overrode the discomfort.

“I think you know what I mean, Luciano.”

“Luc, please call me Luc. We are, after all, acquainted.”

“Then you are not denying it?”

“Denying what exactly?”

“That you seduced me while I was sleeping.”

His smiled widened. “You had a good rest then?”

“I feel better than when I went to sleep. That doesn’t answer my question.”

“You mean your accusation.”

“Fine! It doesn’t answer my accusation.” Harley was becoming angrier with the exchange of words. He was playing a game and she wasn’t in the mood.

“Aiden, would you be so kind as to leave and close the door behind you.”

If Aiden wondered what was going on, he didn’t act like it. He simply left, closing the door.

“Harley, would you please come here and sit down.”

Harley was furious. She moved closer to the bed but didn’t take a seat. She liked having the advantage, any advantage would do at this point.

“I did seduce you in a way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I seduced you in your dreams. It was merely a representation of you and not the physical you.”

“You can dream walk?”

“Yes, among other things.”


“Why not? I find you very attractive and you happened to be under my roof. It was easy enough to find your dreams. I had just planned on talking to you, but then you showed up in that luscious silk nightie of yours.”

“Did you use any of your powers to take my ability to say no, away?”

He shook his head. She could tell by the look on his face, her question had surprised him.

“No. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t need to take an unwilling woman to bed, not even in a dream. Nor, would I.”

About Author Candi Fox… 

Candi Fox, co-host of the wildly popular radio show Candi and Company with over 900 thousand listeners began her venture in the paranormal at the tender age of two, when she witnessed her first apparition. From that moment on the paranormal seemed to follow her. No matter where she moved, the house she lived in the house next door, or the house down the street always seemed to be haunted.

She often wondered if she drew the spirits to her. Little did she know that she was indeed a magnet of sorts. It wasn’t until she was in her late twenties that she found people who could not only explain her gifts, but would also help her hone them. Armed with this new knowledge she began to openly explore hauntings and other paranormal phenomena. 

Growing up in Indiana lent her the opportunity to explore many famous haunted places including the Hannah House, which was once part of the Underground Railroad. A little over two years ago she moved to Tulsa, OK and has began to explore the haunted landscape in a new state. 

Candi lives with her husband, and furry children in Tulsa. She is passionate about the occult, saving and rehabilitating horses, horseback riding, magic, all things mystical and has her Reiki Mastery. 

She uses her own paranormal experiences as well as her own life traumas to write from a grounded and realistic perspective about subjects that are hard to talk about and even harder to feel for yourself.


Links to Candi’s Website, Books, & Social Media:

I hope you enjoy the recipe Candi is sharing today on Karen’s Killer Fixin’s. Happy eating!


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Note from Candi: I have so many recipes that I both love and have created in my own kitchen. I love cooking for family and friends. I often provide enough that everyone brings home take away containers and no one cooks for a week.

Let me share a couple of the recipes I make for crowds.


5-7 lb pork loin roast
1 bottle of blue moon pale ale
10-12 cloves of peeled garlic
crock pot

Remove any silver skin from the roast. This is normally done by the time we take them home. Using a pairing knife cut pockets in the roast inserting a clove of garlic into each pocket. Place roast in crock pot. Salt and Pepper to taste. Pour Ale over roast. Put on lid, turn on low, cook for 3-4 hours.


Last year I ran out of oven space. I used my gas grill to cook my turkey.

12-16 lb fresh turkey
1 stick of softened butter
salt, pepper, garlic, sage

Mix herbs with softened butter, rub under skin. 1 cup of turkey stock. I injected this into the bird. Put the bird in a roasting bag inside a large roasting pan. I just put it on the grill, closed the lid, and watched the thermometer to regulate the temp. Cooked according to directions on the turkey’s tag.


**SPECIAL GIVEAWAY**: Candi will give away a Kindle copy of HARLEQUIN’S DECEPTION to TWO readers who comment on her Karen’s Killer Fixin’s blog. Thanks, Candi, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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  1. Good morning, Candi, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love vampire stories so I’m intrigued by your excerpt. Thanks, too, for sharing your recipes with us. I’ve actually made my turkey once or twice on the grill. I’m going to have to try your version of pork loin roast. Sounds delicious!

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