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Welcome to my Friday bonus feature called Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **Author Special**!! Today, in lieu of one of my own recipes, I’m going to introduce you to a new author who will share one of her favorite recipes. Not only will you and I occasionally learn how to make something new and delicious, but we’ll get a chance to check out some wonderful authors. Introducing author, RENA MARKS, and her favorite recipe for ONE POT SPAGHETTI.


Blue Barbarians Book 1


Alien abductions are real.

I was the third female awakened aboard the spacecraft that specialized in kidnapping females. Their mission? To sell us to other galaxies.

Human female Numbers One and Two didn’t make it, but I was lucky. I was able to comprehend the instruction from Drakar, a caged abductee from the planet Blaedonia. I live only because of his warning to me not to fight the aliens who have me on the table. Together, we formulate a plan for escape for both us and the ten other unawakened Earthlings.

Lucky for Drakar, the spaceship crash-lands back on his planet. Unlucky for the Earthlings, we’ll never be able to travel back home.

We’ll have to learn to adapt.

Blue Barbarians Book 1

Suddenly the shackles begin to warm. It shoots a strange tingle down my forearms, like a drug that’s running through my veins.

“What are those?” Drakar says.

I’m shivering again, and my heart pounds. I twist around to make sure the gray alien is really gone. He is, and Drakar moves his large body to cover me. He can’t seem to stand when I get cold, and I’m grateful.

“You feel good,” I say. “It’s so cold.” Even as I say it, I know the sudden temperature drop is to force us to huddle together.

It works, and he rubs his large hands over me, trying his best to warm me.

“I think we’re back on your planet. They called it the barbarian’s. Blae—Blaedonia?”

He grunts.

“They’d been watching your people for information about your culture. If I heard things correctly, they have a crew of six on board. Three are mechanics. We crash-landed, and there’s damage to a rudder. The mechanics went out to survey the damage to the ship, but they need material to fix it. They were going to look, but it got dark and they returned to the ship instead.”

“Too bad,” Drakar says. “If we are on my planet, you cannot stay outside in the darkness. Night is when predators hunt. They wouldn’t last an hour.”

“It’s good that they don’t know that. Maybe they’ll rig some lamps or something and will get taken out tonight. We’ll be three down and have three to go.”

“Did you hear anything about Lucie?”

“They’ve returned her to her tube for tonight. The original plan was to experiment, see how many languages took during our transfer. But they’re hesitant to wake the others because we’re low on food. They have a plan for that, too.”

I didn’t imagine things. As I mention the food supply, Drakar’s arms tighten around me.

“They’re going to send you out to hunt.”

He exhales and his voice rings with excitement. “Good. I will contact my people. We will take over their ship and free you and Lucie.”

“But we don’t know how far away you are from your homeland. They could have crashed on the opposite end of your planet for all we know. Plus, they have a plan to make sure you don’t run.”

“What plan?”

“They’re going to tether us together and I’ll be tied to the ship. They figure you’ll feed me, and they’ll grab the kill that you return, and send you out again until there’s enough for all of us.”

He pauses. “Tether us?”

“I’m not sure what the tie is. They got it from this planet. It’s called a live tether.”

His hand is busy rubbing comforting circles across my belly. It’s kind of a turn on. I can’t believe I’m getting aroused with the strange situation we’re in. “If it is what I think, it is a parasite that attaches to our nerves. Cutting the tether tricks your mind into believing you just cut off one of your limbs. It must be cut within a day, or the parasite’s tendrils entwine permanently and you will not survive the separation.”

“And then we’ll be bound together forever?”

“Yes. Unless one of us endures the pain of removing a limb so the other may live. I will do that.”

I sigh. “They say your kind is unable to harm a mate, so they’re attaching the painful end to me. That’s why they stripped me naked. If we don’t mate tonight as insurance, the plan is off and I become the week’s supply of food.”

I could feel his growl as it rumbles in his chest, vibrating against my back.

“They cannot force me to take you,” he says. “You will be safe, Niki.”

“They can,” I whisper. “They’re checking me for semen in the morning. If none is present, I’ll be slaughtered at first light.”

He’s quiet. Talk about awkward.

His head drops to my shoulder, his mouth moves against my flesh. “Then I’ll be gentle.”

“I know, Drakar.”

I turn in his arms, trying my best to peer in the dark. “It’s just that I can’t even see you, you know?”

My shackles tingle, the sensation shooting down my arms like a spark of electricity. But it doesn’t hurt, or feel uncomfortable. It feels kind of…nice. In a strange way.

“I can see you, little human. I have night vision that you do not.”

I lick my lips. It doesn’t seem fair that I’ve never seen Drakar, but then he blows warm breath on my neck, and suddenly it no longer matters.

“How do you like to be touched?” His touch skims across my lower abdomen.

Goosebumps race across my skin and it’s not from cold. It’s instantaneous and it’s weird, but I’m aroused. Either he’s a master seducer, or the shackles on my wrists are doing something strange to my libido.

I writhe. “Drakar.”


“These bracelets are doing something to me.”

“I know. I feel it, too.” His voice exudes sex. “I want you.”

“What’s happening?”

He groans. “Your arousal seduces me.” His breath is heated, and his body temperature feels suddenly warmer.

About Author Rena Marks… Rena

Marks is the only author who didn’t start writing at the tender age of five. Instead, it was summer of 2006 when she decided to write.

She completed four novels and published two of the four by January of 2007. She stopped writing in 2009. 
However, as of 2015, she decided to request the rights back to her novels and venture into the world of self-publishing.

A new series was started:

Stargazer Series…

In 1692, a starship carrying volunteers arrived on planet Earth to a small town
called Salem, Massachusetts. The long journey across many light years caused the
female inhabitants aboard drastic memory loss. It was already known when they
would arrive on Earth, they would have no memories of who and what they really
were. They would be as helpless as newborn lambs.

The goal was to breed with Earthlings, to prevent their own race from dying out.
If it was successful, years later more Stargazers would be sent to co-exist with the
humans on Planet Earth. 

But alas–the females were slaughtered.

In 2016, she began the BLUE BARBARIAN Series…

Book 1 starts with Niki & Drakar’s story. (See book blurb above.)



Links to Rena’s Website, Books, & Social Media:

All Romance ebooks:



I hope you enjoy the recipe Rena is sharing with us today on Karen’s Killer Fixin’s. Happy eating!


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[Compliments of Martha Stewart]


1 lb halved cherry tomatoes, not the smaller grape tomatoes (slice by using 2 plastic coffee can lids, one on bottom, fill with tomatoes, press the top can lid down and slice halfway through the cherry tomatoes)

12 oz linguine, unbroken, laid in pot
1 thinly sliced onion
4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced (slicing them thin helps them “dissolve”)
2 sprigs basil
4 ½ c water
2 tsp kosher salt
¼ tsp black pepper
½ tsp crushed red pepper

2 tbs olive oil
Parmesan cheese

Add ingredients in order to deep, flat edged skillet. Bring to rapid boil, stirring occasionally. Grate parmesan cheese.

After 9-12 minutes (depending upon pasta cook time) serve. Add grated cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil on top.


Abducted**SPECIAL GIVEAWAY**: Rena is giving away a free Kindle copy of ABDUCTED in exchange for an honest review to one lucky reader who comments on her Karen’s Killer Fixin’s blog. Thank you, Rena, for sharing your story and favorite recipe with us.

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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  1. Good morning, Rena, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Fixin’s. Loved the excerpt. I do enjoy a good SciFi romance! I’m going to have to try the one pot spaghetti, too. I had a similar recipe a friend made but I’ve since lost it. This one sounds close. Thanks for stopping by to share your book and recipe with us!

  2. Thanks for the introduction, Karen. Although I do read science fiction, I’m more a Gini Koch type of reader. I’m sure there will be many people who will enjoy Rena’ s books!

  3. Rena,
    I’ve never read a book about alien abduction but, I’m willing to give it a try. You have certainly peaked my interest with your excerpt. I am hoping to get a chance to read Abducted.

    1. Thank you, Tammy! I’d love for you to win. 😉

      If not this one, I have book 2, Stranded, nearly complete.

      I just need to stay off Facebook so I can write.

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