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Karen’s Killer Fixin’s

Welcome to my Friday bonus feature called Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **Author Special**!! Today, in lieu of one of my own recipes, I’m going to introduce you to a new author who will share one of her favorite recipes. Not only will you and I occasionally learn how to make something new and delicious, but we’ll get a chance to check out some wonderful authors. Introducing author, SADIE JACKS, and her favorite recipe for CREAM CHEESE FONDUE!


Iron Serpent Chronicles Book 3


She warned them to leave her alone.

They didn’t listen.

All Kiema wanted was to fix and master the power coursing through her body. To spend the rest of her days with her chosen family in peace. All she needed was one more mate and two guardians to complete the rune branded in her skin. But just like all of her plans, this one was destined to fail.

Caught between warring gods and a group of magical fanatics led by her psychopathic adoptive mother, Kiema finally joins the fight that has wrecked her life. This time, together with her stronger and bigger family, she’s playing for keeps. And she’s almost got all the power she needs to win.

But when two of her enemies join forces against her, will she fall under the spell of the magic that courses through her blood, or will she cling to the life and family she’s prayed for all these years?

Warring Magic is book three in the Iron Serpent Chronicles by Sadie Jacks. If you like paranormal mystery, snarky and badass female characters, and drool-worthy men, Warring Magic will steal your sleep.

Iron Serpent Chronicles Book 3


These were definitely the weirdest and best people I’d ever met in my life. In the space of an afternoon and evening, I’d been made to feel more loved and accepted than the cumulative whole of anytime preceding this. The oddness and sorrow of that thought had me smiling sadly as I watched Asher cook dinner for everyone.

We were on ‘Asher’s floor,’ where he reigned as ‘king of food.’ I didn’t know what he was making, but it smelled fantastic. My mouth was watering as I helped set the table. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was following Kiema’s lead, so hopefully I didn’t make too big of a fool of myself.

She sent me a smile and a wink.

Sunshine. The woman was fricking sunshine. How she grew up in Feuer Tower and turned into the woman who stood before me was a head scratcher. But by the goddess was I glad she was a good woman.

“Hey, sweetie, I’m Taryk,” the glowering man with the beautiful brown skin said. His bald head reflected the overhead light.

I dipped my head. “Hi, Taryk. I guess you already know my name. Nice to meet you.”

He smiled. His whole demeanor changed. Suddenly I could see where he fit in with this group of men. “Do you want to move in here to the warehouse? Do you have some place nearby that you’re staying at?”

I could see his genuine concern. The shame of my living situation rolled over me again. I wasn’t really sure how my life had descended into such a mess. I felt the old ache, that rusty knife slid easily between my ribs. I knew how my life ended up like this. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to carry that blame anymore.

After Kiema’s strength, I wanted to live brighter and happier than I was right now. She didn’t apologize for her early years. They were done to her; not something she chose. I wondered if I would be able to do that someday. Brush off the guilt and shame of my childhood.

“You can. I’ll be here to help you,” Kiema said, her words wafting through my mind like a cool breeze after a rainstorm.

I stiffened my back, straightened my shoulders. Looking up into Taryk’s brown eyes, I said, “I don’t have a lot. I was squatting in one of the abandoned factories close to where Asher found me. I would like to save what I have though.” I felt the rigid steel of my backbone turn to dust as Taryk’s face lost its smile. “If that’s okay, I mean. No big deal. I can stay there.” I waved it off, made to turn away.

He reached out, a gentle hand on my arm. “I wasn’t angry with you.” He waited until I looked up at him to continue. “I’m mad that you were made to live on the streets. That’s not your fault. Believe me. I’ve been there myself.”

I snorted internally. There’s no way this man had known the insecurity of food or shelter.

He winked at me. “I wouldn’t go judging me too soon, sweetness. My deadbeat dad bailed right after my little brother was born. My mom couldn’t make ends meet no matter how many hours she worked straight. I’ve lived that life.”

I felt the bottom drop out of my stomach. I tasted his emotions, rolled them around in my mouth. As I registered the flavor of truth, I felt my mouth drop open and my eyes go big while I stared at him.

Another prime example of someone not being ashamed of their past. They owned it, but they didn’t let it define them.

Taryk reached out, with a finger below my chin, he closed my mouth for me.

I felt the fire of embarrassment start at my chest and climb my neck until I’m sure I resembled the cherry Asher kept calling me.

Taryk smiled again. “I can go with you, we can get your stuff.”

I looked up at him. Studied him. I didn’t get anything but polite curiosity and a willingness to help. I swallowed, the sound reverberating through my head. “S-s-sure. That would be nice. Thank you.”

“I’ll come, too,” the man who had to be Asher’s brother said. He had a gentle smile on his face as well. “I’m Xander. The better half of the Kandma twins.”

I slapped a hand over the snort that tried to escape my mouth.

The two guys laughed, their eyes bright with humor.

“It might hurt less if you just let it out next time,” Xander said.

I nodded, laughed.

“See? Better already.” Xander’s eyes were darker than his brother’s. That was the only difference I could see between them.

“Food’s ready,” Asher called from the kitchen of his level of the warehouse.

Everyone gathered around his gigantic dining table. I swear, it could have held at least fifteen people comfortably.

Each person grabbed whatever chair was closest to them. I reach out, pulled a chair away from the table. Just as I was getting ready to sit down, I felt someone pushing the chair in under me.

Startled, I dropped into the seat.

The man they called Lukas was standing behind me, a smile on his handsome face.

Did they not allow unsexy people into their group?

“Nope,” Kiema said with a laugh. Then she contradicted herself immediately. “We’ve just been very fortunate that everyone is so good looking.” She shot me a wink. “You’re included in the sexiness parade as well.”

“Damn skippy she is, Ki-Ki,” Asher said as he slid next to her to put a tray of steaks down on the table.

I felt my cheeks flame once again. I lowered my head, pulled the napkin from the table and set it on my lap like Lukas had done.

Lukas leaned over. “Don’t fret it, luv. It’s a rough burden being the sexiest in a room of beautiful people, but someone has to carry it.” He sighed heavily. “Good thing these shoulders are so broad.” He bumped his shoulders into the air a couple times.

Another snorting laugh escaped my control.

The whole group filled the room with laughter.

“Yeah, don’t take that crap from him, Scarlet. His ego is big enough to drown us all,” Kiema said as she tossed a homemade roll—from scratch—at the man next to me.

He caught it before it hit him in the face. “Not my fault you dance with a dodgy lot.”

Kiema’s laugh trilled through the room again. It was laced with love, humor, joy, and a feeling of peace so deep I could almost see it.

I wanted that. To know, to feel it down in my bones, that I was loved and that I belonged somewhere.

Kiema’s gaze caught mine. “Welcome home to love and belonging, then, Scarlet. I’ve always wanted a sister.” Her words sifted through my mind. In their wake, acceptance, love, and safety remained.

About Author Sadie Jacks…

Sadie Jacks is a small business owner who writes sexy books in her free time. Author of the Iron Serpent Chronicles (including upcoming release of Warring Magic–Book Three in the Iron Serpent Chronicles series), she’s got more series planned for the future.


Links to Sadie‘s Website, blog, books, etc.



I hope you enjoy the recipe Sadie is sharing today on Karen’s Killer Fixin’s. Happy Eating!


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[Family Recipe]

2- 8oz pkg of cream cheese
1 bunch of green onions (chopped into ½” slices)
1- 14oz can of dried beef (chopped into 1” slices)
¼ tsp of ground mustard powder
½ cup of milk

Combine all ingredients in microwave safe bowl. Turn on HIGH for 5 minutes at a time. Stirring each time until cream cheese is fully melted.

Serve with French/Italian bread or Club crackers.


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Caged Magic – Iron Serpent Chronicles Book One
Wild Magic – Iron Serpent Chronicles Book Two
Warring Magic – Iron Serpent Chronicles Book Three

The Iron Serpent Chronicles feature the same characters throughout the series. Multiple POV.


Thanks, Sadie, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!


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  1. Good morning, Sadie, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Fixin’s. I loved your excerpt and the concept for this book. Intriguing! Can’t wait to dip in further. Speaking of which, the recipe sounds yummy. It’s been years since I’ve had fondue of any sort. A nice treat! Thanks for sharing your book and recipe with us today!

  2. Hi Sadie,
    I enjoy paranormal with a touch of mystery. Your excerpt was intriguing.

    Your recipe is easy enough for me to make and sounds delicious!

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