Karen’s Killer Fixin’s #Beef #Grilling #Recipe: STEAK KEBABS from Karen’s Kitchen

It’s time for Karen’s Killer Fixin’s! Over the years, I’ve filled two 4-inch, 3-ring binders with my own creations as well as recipes my family and friends were willing to share with me. I simply love to cook and want to share that love with my readers. So every Friday, I share one recipe I think you and your family might enjoy. It might be a main course recipe from my own kitchen or a guest author favorite. It could be a cookie or baked item. Candy. Salads. Whatever strikes the eye and fancy…which today is STEAK KEBABS!

I love kebabs, especially when it’s this easy to pull together an impressive, tasty meal for company. I also love that you can make these a day ahead of time. Cooking time is short so you can hang with your guests while you finish up dinner. Make a salad and serve with bread or rolls, hot or cold, and your preparation time is limited even further. Who wants to cook when you have company?

I hope you enjoy today’s Killer Fixin’s. Happy eating!


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[Serves 4) 


2 T. reduced-sodium soy sauce
2 T. honey
1 tsp. ground ginger
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp. grated lemon peel
¼ tsp. crushed hot red pepper flakes
12 oz. boneless sirloin steak, trimmed & cut into 1-inch cubes
8 cherry tomatoes
4 lg. mushrooms, cut in half
1 bell pepper, cored, seeded, cut into 8 squares 

In shallow glass dish, combine soy sauce, honey, ginger, garlic, lemon peel, and red pepper flakes.  Mix well.  Add beef; stir to coat.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 1-2 hours, stirring occasionally.  Preheat broiler.  Remove beef from the marinade.  Using four 10” metal skewers, alternately thread beef, tomatoes, mushrooms, and bell pepper.  Place on broiler pan.  Broil 2” from heat, turning 2-3 times, until meat is medium-rare and vegetables are lightly browned, about 10 minutes.  Serve immediately.

**You can marinate the beef and assemble skewers up to 1 day in advance.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to cook.

**Keep the heat out of the house and cook kebabs on a grill. Recommend placing mesh under the kebabs to keep them from falling through the grate and easier turning. Keep a close eye on them when grilling to prevent burning (honey).

**For more color, use green, yellow, and orange bell pepper. Personally, I prefer not to use green bell peppers in favor of the sweeter bells. 🙂

Happy Eating!

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