Karen’s Killer Fixin’s: Chicken Teriyaki

It’s time for Karen’s Killer Fixin’s!

Over the years, I’ve filled two 4-inch, 3-ring binders with my own creations as well as recipes my family and friends were willing to share with me. I simply love to cook and want to share that love with my readers.

So every Friday, I share one recipe I think you and your family might enjoy. It might be a main course recipe. A cookie or baked item. Candy. Salads. Whatever strikes my eye and fancy…which today is CHICKEN TERIYAKI!!

I love the taste of teriyaki. If you want an easy and flavorful marinade, this is it! I like the stronger flavor so I have been known to marinade foods a LOT longer than most recipes call for, but this is a matter of taste.  You do want to marinate your chicken AT LEAST two hours.  Yummy!

I hope you enjoy today’s Killer Fixin’s. Happy eating!


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2 chicken breasts, whole, split in half
½ cup soy sauce
¼ cup dry sherry
1 T. sugar
1 clove garlic, chopped
½ tsp. ground ginger

Arrange chicken, skin side up, in a single layer in a shallow dish. Combine soy sauce, sherry, sugar, garlic, and ginger in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Shake vigorously and pour over chicken. Marinate in refrigerator 2 hours, turning once or twice. Preheat broiler. Remove chicken from marinade. Spray rack in broiler pan with vegetable spray. Transfer chicken to rack. Broil about 10 minutes about 6 inches from heat, turning once and basting with marinade. Serve with rice or salad.

NOTE: A variation of this would be Skewered Chicken Teriyaki! Cut the chicken breasts into chunks big enough to skewer with wooden picks and marinade the chunks.  In a separate bowl, make more of the marinade to soak chunks of pineapple, onions, green and/or red peppers, and mushrooms. Cook on the grill or under the oven broiler. Serve with salad and hot bread, or on a bed of rice.

2 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Fixin’s: Chicken Teriyaki”

    1. It really is…and you can cut the recipe in half if you need to just make a little. With our kids now gone, I’ve been finding it a challenge to cook for so many less at the dinner table! 🙂

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