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Vegas Immortals: Death & The Last Vampire Book 1


If you saw his face, you’d have a death wish too.

My life sucks. More accurately, I suck—blood.

I woke up on a cold slab in a morgue, two weeks ago, with no memories, and a new drinking habit that seriously cramps my ability to make friends.

Now I’m hunting for answers in Sin City about my past and who I was, but someone else is hunting me.

When Death, himself comes to collect me, I find myself facing the most magnificent, terrifying being imaginable. Who knew the grim reaper wore a tailored suit, and ran the most exclusive hotel on the Vegas strip?

He wants to hold me prisoner? Fine, I will rattle the cage and make his life a living hell until I get my freedom.

And I absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, let him know his hand is wrapped around my soul.

*Bitten by Death is book 1 in an action-packed, SLOW BURN to steamy romance series featuring a cheeky, tough heroine and dark hero.


Vegas Immortals: Death & The Last Vampire Book 1

Editorial Note: Edited for some language.


As soon as the doors shut, I slammed both hands on either side of her head. She jerked, and her smirk evaporated. Anger burned through me as I bore down on her. My fingers spread across the tufted, black leather wall behind her, so Vivien didn’t see them shift and elongate into sharp, black claws.

“Did the insanity set in after you turned, or has it always been your affliction?” I shouted, fighting the change, my hands returning to normal. “

“If we followed that guy, we could have asked,” she shouted back. She blinked with defiance in the face of my fury, but she still drew back against the wall. “And what do you care? You are death itself. What does it matter what those Richie Riches out there think?”

“I do not require their approval. But I do take pride in creating a haven of luxurious sophistication. While you”—I pointed a finger in her face—“are like a rabid mongoose berserk on crystal meth and worse yet, I have to be the one to muzzle you.”

Her eyes narrowed. “You just try it, bucko.”

Fire swept through me. My composure didn’t melt away, it exploded in an inferno. My hand clamped over her mouth as I pressed my body against hers, bringing my mouth to her ear. “I need you as bait, but perhaps you are of better use without your tongue. I wonder if it would grow back? How fast? Rest assured, if it was too soon, I’d be happy to rip it out for you again.”

Suddenly, I was all too aware of the way I was pressed against her. My chest flattened her breasts, and my thigh thrust up between her legs, trapping her hips. Images of f**king her into submission in this elevator flashed through my mind.

Leather, my personal soap, and something divinely sensual invaded my senses. Her scent threatened to drag me in and under. The feel of her silky lips against my palm heated my blood before sending it south. My breath turned shallow as I pulled back so I could look into Vivien’s face, amazed at the reactions running rampant through me. For a moment, I thought I saw a twin flame of arousal in her eyes. Maybe she too considered me taking her right here.

A wet cold smushed against my hand.

She licked me.

I wiped my palm against my pants and pressed the gold button with my other hand. Her childish behavior was an instant cure for my temporary insanity.

My work-driven celibacy was clearly driving me to madness. It had been a long time since I’d invited anyone into my bed. It seemed crucial I do so at the first opportunity.

About Author Holly Roberds

Holly started out writing Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Terminator romantic fanfiction before spinning off into her own fantastic worlds with bitey MCs and heart wrenching climaxes as well as other errr climaxes…

Holly is a Colorado girl to her core, but is only outdoorsy in that she likes drinking on patios in Denver.

She lives with her ever-supportive husband and surly house rabbits who supervise this writer, to make sure she doesn’t spend all of her time watching Buffy reruns.


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