Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Historical #Romance: CHAINS OF ROME, From the Shadows of Rome Book 1 by Patricia Bates

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From the Shadows of Rome Book 1


Uncertainty Fear. Salaria lives in their shadow, survive the bite of the yoke upon her. Unjustly punished, she’s thrown into a world of raw brutality, of lust, and blood.

Her survival depends on the proud ex-Chieftain who offers her protection.

Tritus’s hatred of Rome is surpassed only by his quest for revenge.

Forced together to survive, their hearts burn for more. But love is a luxury no slave is afforded. Their future is determined by the whims of a fickle crowd.

Determined to survive, they must find the strength to overcome, to break the chains of slavery. Failure will cost them the lives they so ardently cling to.


From the Shadows of Rome Book 1


Salaria exhaled as she stepped through the doors of the villa and followed Dignia through the atrium. The azure water caught the sunlight to reflect it back on the tiles, lighting the room up with lightning bolts of color. Slaves shuffled around, silence clinging to the air, none glanced at her as she was led into the small room where Icilia sat, flanked by two slaves with fans.

“Ah,” Icilia glanced up from her perusal of a goblet of wine. “Salaria, so good of you to join me.”

“Doctore told me you wanted to speak to me.” Salaria stared at the floor, her stomach twisting. A heavy weight sat on her chest, making it hard to breathe. She inhaled shakily, the throb of her heart echoing in her ears.

“I did. You have proven to be quite resourceful,” Icilia straightened, setting her wine down to walk over to stand in front of Salaria. “I would have the benefit of your skills.”

“I am unsure what you mean, Domina.”

“But you do.” She whispered, leaning closer, her perfume filled the air, heavy and floral turning Salaria’s stomach. Memories stirred, dark, and twisted, they pulled at her, dragging her into the horror of her past. She shuddered when Domina reached up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear. The tenderness so unfamiliar, so out of character for the wealthy roman woman, it was enough to set every preservatory instinct firing. The urge to step away slammed through her, only sheer willpower and the ever present awareness of how disobedience was rewarded kept her in place. Clenching her fists, she waited for Icilia to speak.

“Dominus has indicated he desires a son. He said the gods show us favor and thus I should present him an heir.”

“I cannot bring the child back, Domina. The Gods decided his fate–”

“No, I do not want the child. You misunderstand, slave.” Icilia whispered icily. “I am young, and I do not desire to–”

“To refuse your husband could alter your future, Domina. You could find yourself without position.”

“Hold your tongue, Salaria. I will explain what it is I desire.” Icilia snapped stepping back. “I have no desire to bear him another child, my reasons are my own. However, he desires an heir and so we will ensure he is given an heir. You will give–”

“Remember, Domina,” Salaria glanced over her shoulder before facing Icilia. “I am a slave, any child I gave birth to would be a slave. That is Roman law.”

“Unlike you, I am a Roman and know the laws.” Icilia snapped at the reminder. “You would do well to follow my instructions or else I will send you to the mines.”

“The gods have already written my life.” Salaria took a single step back, her stomach twisting at the threat. “I do not fear my end. The mines or the sands it makes little difference.”

“Domina?” The timid voice drew both of their attention to the hovering slave who stood cowed, her hands shaking.

“What is it?”

“Your father has arrived. He would speak with you.”

Icilia inhaled a slow breath and nodded. “I will see him in the atrium, please see to it he is given cool water and see a simple meal prepared.” The slave bowed and scurried away. Domina turned to Salaria. “Find him a slave who could appear as me. She will bear Dominus a child. Do not fail me, Salaria.”

“Yes, Domina.” Salaria stood as Icilia strode around her and strode from the room. Long after her footsteps had faded, she stood there before shaking her head and hurrying from the room.

The mid-day sun filtered through the curtains, dancing across the stone floor. A light breeze stirred the hot air as Salaria navigated from Icilia’s bed chamber through the house. Stepping behind a column she paused at the sound of Icilia’s father’s voice, though she couldn’t make out what he was saying. Fear prickled along her skin at the idea of the man’s whispers, though she couldn’t understand why. Turning a corner she stumbled to a halt at the sight of the heavy set woman baring her way.


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  1. Good morning, Patricia, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Rome is idealized in the movies and books and the reality is that few were in the elite, most were slaves. I feel for Salaria and Tritus’ choices. It will be interesting to see how they find their way out of their circumstances. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Good morning your book sounds very intriguing, even though I would love to read and win your book, I am not tech savvy at all and I dont read ebooks and I got a code for an audio book and I lost it somewhere in my PC. 🙂 I sure do thank you though, I will have to look for your book in print. Have a Great day and thank you for sharing about your great sounding book.

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