Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Holiday #Contemporary #Suspense: Fill Your Stocking with Romance!

Looking for heat? Suspense? Humor?
Fill Your Holiday Stocking with Romance!



Romantic Comedy
By Karen Docter

Grandma ran off with Santa!

$.99 or Free on #KU

What Amazon Reviewers are saying…

  • An octogenarian escaping her retirement home to elope with the visiting Santa? And the grandkids are left to be the responsible ones? How can you resist?
  • Had me chuckling right from the start with Grams running off with Santa Claus to get married in Vegas. The fact that they lived in a seniors residence, so they were no spring chickens, made it even funnier.
  • Like watching one of those Hallmark Christmas movies.
  • The comedic situation and sly cunning of the grandparents makes for a delightful read.

True Love in Uniform Book 1
Contemporary Romance
By Karen Docter

One hot cop. Two hearts under siege.

A man in uniform is the last thing she needs…but it’s all that she wants.

$3.99 or Free on #KU

What Amazon Reviewers are saying…

  • Plenty of drama, suspense, humor and sizzle.
  • A heartwarming story that renews your faith in love.
  • A beautiful story, perfect for someone who wants to read about a tender yet alpha male, one who can turn off his job after punching the clock and become the loving husband and father that we all so enjoy reading.
  • A slow burn easy kind of read. I really enjoyed it. Lighthearted, sexy, and hello yummy Cops!!!!

Romantic Comedy
By Karen Docter

Bustiers, Birds, and the Blues…

$3.99 or Free on #KU

What Amazon Reviewers are saying…

  • This has to be the funniest “meet cute” I’ve read in a long time.
  • Cute and quirky and I simply loved the characters.
  • Fun situations, including how they meet, and great banter. I am a sucker for great banter.
  • Sexy in a smart and entertaining way. A great little love story with enough push and pull between hero and heroine that you could almost “smell the ozone” building up with the tension.

Thorne’s Thorns Book 1
Romantic Suspense
By K.L. Docter

Some secrets are better left buried!

$5.99 or Free on #KU

What Amazon Reviewers are saying…

  • The pace of KILLING SECRETS is practically a character in itself as Docter’s plot hurls you through unpredictable twists & turns that veer in intriguing directions as a web of lies & secrets become revealed.
  • Suspense action that would do a Hollywood movie proud.
  • Whoa. Twists and Turns and more Twists, oh, my!
  • I liked the characters, enjoyed the multi-layers of plot, and found myself anxious to get back to the book each time I had to do something else besides read. Excellent storytelling.

All of Karen/K.L.’s novels are also available in PRINT.


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  1. Good afternoon, all these books sound like Great reads! Thank you for sharing about them. Have a great day.

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