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A Historical Mystery



Nikola Tesla’s top-secret lab, theft, murder, and a seventeen-year-old girl bound and determined to unravel the mystery.

The year is 1899. During her final year at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, Cora Croft finds herself uncovering a mystery involving Nikola Tesla and his secret projects. After the loss of three important documents detailing new, ambitious devices and the unusual death of his previous assistant, Tesla is ready to pack up the lab and return to New York. Cora offers to help uncover who is behind the strange circumstances so Tesla can remain and finish his work.

With help from the charming Harrison, and life-long friend, Marshall, Cora toils against time, the elements and social constraints as she works to unravel the mystery, exposing more than one secret in the process.

Danger stalks Cora, can she survive?

Uncover the clues in this fast-paced, exciting mystery set in Tesla’s famous secret lab. A perfect read for fans of Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco and Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury.

Praise for A.D. Brazeau: “The whole story ‘came alive’ before my eyes, and that comes down to the authors talent for spinning a great story.” and “A.D. Brazeau has quickly become one of my most relatable authors.”

A Historical Mystery



The drawing was familiar as I had transcribed it in my notes from the previous day. I thought back over the morning and our visitors. Dove had walked straight through the lab to where I was in the back room. She must have. Had she dallied, Tesla would have seen her. I was still amazed he hadn’t. No wonder he was so easily stolen from.

Mr. Sharp could have no reason to take it, being a railroad man and not at all interested in electricity or scientific experimentation, that I knew of. The man was also among the wealthiest of my acquaintance. Selling the item for profit didn’t make sense. The two delivery men had never ventured farther into the room than the space by the front door. Although one of the men seemed curious about what went on here, I didn’t see how he had the opportunity. It was possible, however far- fetched, he stepped back inside while the rest of us were occupied.

Mr. Tesla rarely slept. The man was beset with troubling eccentricities and ailments, such as his strange flashes of light. The simplest explanation was that he had misplaced his document. A misunderstanding, pure and simple. When I was satisfied with my search, I joined the men in the main room.

Tesla was walking in circles around his oscillator, hands jammed into his pockets so far, I thought they would surely break free through the other end. He was mumbling to himself about something I couldn’t make out.

Harrison moved next to me, worry creasing his brow. “Nothing. You?”

I shook my head, my eyes never leaving Tesla. Harrison groaned, massaging his neck and rolling it around in a circle. Tesla stopped and looked toward me. I gave him the same, sad shake of my head. He shut his eyes, renewing his pacing. Harrison and I stood silently waiting.

After a few tense moments, Tesla looked up and said, “That’s all, I’m afraid.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, new tension forming a knot between my shoulders. Did he mean we could leave for the day or leave permanently?

Tesla spoke with a far-off look in his eye. “I have done all I can here. Too much has happened.”

“All that’s happened is you’ve lost a piece of paper. Surely, you of all people remember what was on it.” This was a bold tact to take with the man, but I didn’t want this to end so soon.

Tesla sighed, looking into my eyes. “It’s not one piece of paper, Miss Croft. It’s three documents and one dead assistant.”

About Author A.D. Brazeau…

A.D. Brazeau is an award-winning author who writes what she loves. From dark and fantastical paranormal romance to quirky contemporary romance, and everything in between, she loves nothing more than to immerse herself in new worlds. A.D. Brazeau is a book-obsessed wife, mother, and dog lover, who grew up surrounded by stories. Not much has changed. A.D. is from Colorado Springs, Co.


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  1. Good morning, A.D., and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. What a fascinating connection to real history. I noticed that this book can also be aimed at young people. What age group do you think is appropriate? I have a granddaughter who might be just the right reader but wanted to make sure she isn’t too young. She reads beyond her years. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

    1. Hi Karen! I would say 12-18 is the target, but this can certainly be an adult crossover. There is only a chaste kiss at the end, and as for the two murders in the book, both take place off the page, but the deaths/bodies are described.

  2. Good Morning, AD,
    You had me at Tesla. My husband has always been fascinated with him and I’ve been learning about him for years. I’m very interested in reading this book!

  3. Hi, wow, this book sounds and looks very intriguing!! Thank you so much for sharing the excerpt! Have a great rest of the week and stay safe.

  4. This sounds like an intriguing mystery, Tesla has always been a fascinating person, I look forward to reading this.

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