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Reggie Chronicle 3 



 On their honeymoon, FBI Agent Reggie Montgomery gets pulled into a search for a missing child. While on a hunting excursion, hubby, U. S. Marshal Shea Montgomery, unearths a body buried beside secluded magnolia trees. As more bodies are uncovered, their rare time off work turns into a search for a serial killer, and Reggie’s life is in danger. Stephanie Plum meets Alex Cross in rural Kentucky racehorse country.


Heart of the Matter, Reggie Chronicles 2   https://youtu.be/OubgNxU0WZs

Magnolia Blossoms, Reggie Chronicles  https://youtu.be/_y0bNTYSfxs

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Reggie Chronicle 3 



Shea hung up and stretched his back, tight from sitting still for so long, in order not to scare away potential deer. He took in his surroundings.


The large clearing would make a picturesque site for a home with enough room for a small coral and nice-sized barn. Reggie would love it.

Something strange appeared in the distance. At first, he couldn’t put a finger on it. Then it registered. A large magnolia tree stood in front of the farthest tree line. They didn’t grow naturally in the area. It had been purposely planted. He stalked off toward the tree, carrying his weapon.

Wyatt’s all-terrain vehicle roared in the distance, growing closer. Shea didn’t worry. Wyatt would spot the deer and stop in the clearing.

The thick-leaved tree was tall, full and healthy, though at this time of year blossoms were dormant. Grass was thick and lush in front of it,  but the ground had sunk a couple inches. Something was buried there.

Be a pet–please. Shea shook his head as he prayed.

Wyatt parked beside Shea’s buck. The big man climbed off his rig and tied a rope to Shea’s catch, then used the winch on the four-wheeler to drag the hefty animal onto racks attached to the hood. Wyatt’s deer lay strapped atop rear racks. Once he secured the buck, he climbed back on the seat and drove to where Shea waited.

“Hey, partner, what gives?” Wyatt grinned, climbing off to stand beside Shea.

Shea nodded toward the patch of sunken ground. “Grave; hope it’s not human.”

Wyatt rubbed silver stubs beginning to probe through his tanned, square jaw. “By the size of it, it’s a big critter or we’re out of luck.”

“My thinking exactly.” Shea groaned as he pulled their folding pack shovel from its binding beside Wyatt’s deer. He walked to the gravesite, followed by Wyatt with his own shove. The men began carefully digging at one corner.

About Author Lynda Rees…

Lynda is a multi-award-winning storyteller and Kentucky horse farmer. Born in the Appalachian Mountains the daughter of a coal miner and part-Cherokee Indian, Lynda grew up in northern Kentucky when Newport prospered as a gambling and sin mecca under the Cleveland Mob, which influences her writing. Her fascination with history’s effect on today’s lives works its way into her written pages.

Having traveled the world working with heads of industries, foreign governments, and business leaders during a corporate career in marketing and global transportation, this free-spirited adventurer with workaholic tendencies follows her passion for writing. Winning awards for both debut novels in two genres, Gold Lust Conspiracy was a RITA finalist and plaeed in Pages From The Heart Contest. Her romantic suspense, Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine, Book 1 of TheBloodline Series is a Golden Heart Award finalist. Most of Lynda’s books are set in Kentucky horse country near where Lynda lives with Hunky Hubby and a herd of wacky critters. Imaginarium Finalist, Operation Second Chance, is among her other major works. She also writes middle-grade and children’s books, and has published several non-fiction books. Check out Lynda’s works. There are many more on the shelves.

Lynda hopes you enjoy her stories and you become life-long friends. Stay in touch!


Links to Lynda’s website, blog, books, #ad etc.:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Pgh2qX

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Website: www.lyndareesauthor.com

Email: www.lyndareesauthor@gmail.com


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  1. Good morning, Lynda, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Loved the excerpt. Nothing like finding dead bodies where there should be none! Sounds like another great adventure for Reggie and Shea. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for sharing your book with us today.

  2. Love this author and I really would love to read & review this book in print format.
    Love books like this and the book cover, title excerpt is just wonderful. I so hope I win this book

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