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A Marcus Blake Thriller



Someone wanted to bury the truth and were prepared to go to any lengths. Even the murder of thirteen innocent Indians

Marcus Blake had planned a relaxing, self-drive holiday in North America, starting at Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. But nothing prepared him for what was to follow when he stopped to help a native Indian woman, Elina, whose truck had broken down close to the town of Mason Falls. It was well off the beaten track: a town that hadn’t changed much over the years. But as Marcus learned, almost to his cost, beneath the quiet lifestyle was a story of evil treachery, murder, and violence that had led to an unspeakable tragedy. As the truth unfolded, Marcus became a victim of assault, death threats and a charge of murder.

A Marcus Blake Thriller



“Why did you want to talk to me?”

“I wanted to warn you about the Cope family. They run this town,” Jolene began. “They control everything: police, the mayor’s office, fire department. Hell, just about everything.” Her words were harsh and bitter. “Most of the townsfolk accept it, providing they don’t do anything to upset the Copes. Those who have rebelled have been sent packing. But the biggest thorn in the Copes’ side is the Indians and their Reservation. Don’t misunderstand me; they are modern Americans with a proud heritage and a past that goes back, well, centuries. They own a lot of land out here, but a large chunk of it is protected under some kind of heritage law. They own the mining rights, which Cope wants, but which the Indians won’t relinquish. They mostly live at the far end of town. They’re separated a little from the town itself, but still part of Mason Falls. Everyone refers to it as ‘The Reservation’, which it is. Even the Indians call it that. It isn’t the only one. The biggest is the Wind River Reservation south of here.”

“How is this connected to the Indian girl who died?”

She nodded. “There was a party couple of months back, mostly young folk: all Indians. The house where they were partying caught fire in the early hours of the morning.” She stopped there and lifted the cup to her lips. Her head moved from side to side: slow, small movements. She drank from the cup, lost in thought. “Thirteen of them died,” she said eventually.

Marcus could imagine the horror that must have swept through the town at such a terrible disaster.

“Was it an accident?” he asked.

Jolene looked at him but didn’t say anything; she didn’t have to.

“Is it being investigated?” he asked.

“Oh sure, the Feds are involved. But if it was started deliberately, they’ll need witnesses, and if the Copes were involved, they will make sure that ain’t gonna happen.”

“And what about Elina?”

She pushed herself away from the worktop and took her empty cup over to the sink where she rinsed it under the tap and placed it in a drying rack. Then she picked up a hand towel and dried her hands, flinging it on top of the rack.

“She wants answers.” She walked up to Marcus. “Elina doesn’t believe it was an accident, and she’s determined to cause havoc until she learns the truth.”

“The truth?”

Jolene clenched her teeth. “Her truth: the one she wants us all to believe.”

“She just wants to know why her sister died.”

Jolene shook her head vigorously. “No, she just wants to stir up trouble. She had to leave town. Captain Hunter told her he would lock her up if she persisted.”

“But she’s back,” Marcus pointed out.

“And that’s the reason you need to leave. Elina is fiery woman, a danger to herself — she always was.”

“But if she’s right, and the fire was not an accident, then she’s a danger to the person who started it.”

Meet Author Michael Parker…

I have been a traditionally published author and now publish all my titles online as an indie author. I have seventeen titles to my credit that cover most genres and includes one boxset. I consider myself a multi-genre writer.

I was married to Patricia for sixty years. Unfortunately, she succumbed to cancer in 2020. We have four sons, ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. I have been published my Macmillan, Robert Hale, Worldwide (Harlequin) and also published in Norway and Denmark. I have a title with an American traditional publisher (The Wild Rose Press) and was described as a “Gifted narrator” in the Financial Times when my first book was published.

Career highlights?

I have been interviewed on BBC local radio a couple of times. The last time was in 2019 when my thriller, No Time to Die, was the subject of an article in the Daily Express because it was published on Amazon one week before the title of the latest James Bond film was announced. 

I had three TV interviews on English language television while living in Spain. I was also the subject author on Mark Dawson’s ‘Book Lab No.5’ in 2019. The book critiqued was The Boy from Berlin.

Other than that, there aren’t any real highlights. I think being picked up “off the street” by a top London agency and being published by Macmillan has to be the one highlight I will always remember.


Links to Michael’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BHKH6QDW

Website: www.michaelparkerbooks.com


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  1. Good morning, Michael, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love thrillers. I can’t wait to read what happens to Marcus with his search for the truth. LOVE the cover. It’s beautiful and evocative. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Thank you Michael and Karen for sharing this. This sounds like a fascinating story, one that when I’d start reading it, I wouldn’t put it down until I finished it

    Happy Holidays!.

  3. Good afternoon, your book sounds very intriguing, thank you so much for sharing your blurb with us. Happy Holidays.

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