Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Vigilante #Action #Thriller: THE SILENCE OF CHILDREN, Suffer the Little Children Book 1 by Chris Lewando

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Suffer the Little Children Book 1



Saving an unknown child isn’t on Dee’s list of things to do before she dies. But it might just be the only thing on her bucket list if the bad guys get their way.

Inadvertently getting involved in her father’s shady philanthropic world, with no superhero skills to fall back on, Dee’s nice, ordered life spirals out of control, forcing her to choose between her own brand of ethics or remain on the right side of the law.

A feisty character with a crusty sense of humor, coupled with her own unique take on life, Dee is an unwilling heroine who discovers an inner strength even she hadn’t known about.

This work contains no explicit detail of harm, and has been awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion for recognition of high standard in an independently published work.

What reviewers are saying…

  • ‘Deirdre is a refreshing female protagonist with an engaging voice that echoes traits of women’s fiction interwoven into this thrill joyride of a novel.’

  • ‘…a sensational thriller about vigilante justice, self-sacrifice, and the ties that bind.’

  • ‘The writer’s talent is undeniable as it weaves a plausible, visceral tale that effortlessly injects a dose of self-reflection alongside the soaring and plummeting of the plot points. It leaves you wondering if you, too, would rise to the occasion if you had the opportunity sacrifice yourself to save the innocent.’

Suffer the Little Children Book 1

#actionthriller, #psychologicalthriller, #childinjeopardynovel

Essentially mainstream fiction with a unique duo: a vigilante doctor who has vowed to do no harm, and his daughter who quickly learns that there are people society would be better off without.

There is no graphic detail of abuse or sex in my work, and no excessive use of bad language.  The main character is female, but the book has also been well-rated by male readers.

The series references psychological & societal issues of child abuse in many forms, including Munchausen by proxy, violence in the home, and tot beauty queen pageants.

One reviewer said: This was an excellent, fast-paced thriller that felt all too real, with the poignant, relevant subject matter of child abduction and exploitation. Despite the overarching oppressive elements of criminality, there are also darkly funny streaks in the main character’s acerbic wit that string together to thoroughly engage the reader and put you right there in the moment with her — terrified for your life, but also wondering if your life has ever been that worthwhile in the grand scheme of things. With unforgettable characters and a riveting story with more than enough meat to lock your jaw into, I can see this being turned into an absolutely amazing film or dramatic series, and I can’t wait to read the follow-up to this novel (or anything else!) by this author.’

The author would be happy to discuss writing-related questions on the storyline or character development. Ask away!

Meet Author Chris Lewando…

Mainstream author of several romance (M&B) and erotica (Virgin) novels, several years ago. Now self-published with action/adventure & psychological thriller. Presently writing a novel commissioned by Bookoutre, a result of the editor reading the self-published title ‘Legend of the Selkie’. Was a high-level PA for years, also PA to Susan George, the actress best known for her starring role in the once-banned film, ‘Straw Dogs’. Has driven a motorbike since she was 16; been a caver, sailor, scuba diver, and paraglider. Presently happily residing in the south of Ireland with a second-time-around husband and a menagerie of animals.


Links to Chris’ website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08TCBBQ1K

Website: https://chrislewando.com


Thanks, Chris, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

11 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Vigilante #Action #Thriller: THE SILENCE OF CHILDREN, Suffer the Little Children Book 1 by Chris Lewando”

  1. Good morning, Chris, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. When it comes to protecting or saving children, I could become a vigilante, too. I’m glad you mention that there are no descriptions of children being hurt because it would be tough for me to read. I could definitely read a book about Dee’s justice. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Good morning, your book sounds very intriguing and what I wouldn’t do to protect children, children are our gifts from God and they are depending on us for everything, children are God’s Precious gifts to us, and oh yes, I would become a vigilante. Thank you for sharing your book with us. Have a Very Merry and a Blessed Christmas.

  3. Thank you for being interested! I am disturbed by the level of gratuitous detail of harm in fiction these days. It is unnecessary, because the story should be enough to spark the reader’s own imagination. And certainly, regarding harm to children it is enough to know it’s happening… and nice to believe there are people out there who are trying to save them!

  4. <>

    An intriguing concept! I think most of us, or certainly a majority, would opt for our own notions of ethics, particularly with the welfare of a child at stake. I should be interesting to find out precisely what Dee chooses to do and what lines she is prepared to cross.

    1. I think that is the whole point, Lenny. My heroine isn’t some kung foo expert, but an ordinary woman thrust into a strange situation. She’s got a brain, but is living within the confines of convention and expectations, and is forced to act outside of her comfort zone. That’s what makes her a great heroine. she could be any one of my readers… of course, she has a little help from some unconventional friends, who were fun to write. It is fiction, at the end of the day!

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