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Vigilantes for Justice Book 4


While investigating the murder of her longtime hairdresser, amateur sleuth Patricia Falcon stumbles into a crisis of epic proportions. Her city has been infiltrated and the roots go years deep. It feels like every case she’s worked has been leading to this one. Because she’s the only one who sees the connection and the danger.

Can Patricia and her team quickly gather enough evidence to convince the FBI to take decisive action before all of Savannah falls to its knees and, perhaps, takes the rest of the nation with it?

Savannah Dragon is a complex, fast-moving mystery that will capture your attention and hold you captive to the very end.


Vigilantes for Justice Book 4


It was a few minutes before sunset when Patricia Falcon left the Savannah Hyatt Hotel elevator on the sixth floor and walked the hall to the corner suite where Salon Li did business.

As usual, Patricia would be Ken Li’s only client tonight, so she wasn’t surprised to see the hairdresser’s lobby empty. Sometimes Ken would meet her at the door, but usually he would be in the salon making sure everything was perfect for her.

The lights were on in the back, and through the wall of floor to ceiling windows she could see the last remnants of the orange sun on the horizon.

Patricia strode into the salon’s workroom and froze.

Ken Li sat, unmoving, in a salon chair. A knife was plunged deep in his chest.

A short whimper of horror echoed in the silence, and Patricia realized it was her own. Her stomach clenched with nausea and ice-cold shock that cascaded through her. Without thinking, Patricia took a step toward her friend to see if she could help, even while knowing he was dead. Her survival instinct stopped her.

With shaking hands, she reached into her purse and pulled out her Kimber 45. She ejected the magazine and, although she knew, checked to make sure the magazine was loaded. It was. Fully. She slid the magazine back in place and chambered a round.

Both hands on the weapon and eyes systematically scanning the room, she rushed to Ken’s side. Head turning, looking for movement and seeing none, she took one hand off her weapon and felt his neck for a pulse. Nothing. His skin wasn’t cold. How long did that take anyway? Hours, if she remembered correctly. Had his death just happened? There was no sign of a struggle. The only wound seemed to be the knife in his chest.

Harsh mercury light from overhead glistened on the engraved golden hilt of the knife. Dragons with ruby eyes.

She grabbed her phone from her purse, and, with trembling fingers, called 911 and then Trey.

Once Trey answered, she paused to compose herself. “Ken Li has been killed. Right here. In his shop.”

About Author Alan Chaput…

Alan Chaput writes Southern mysteries set in Savannah featuring amateur sleuth, Patricia Falcon. His novels have finaled in the Daphne and the Claymore.

Al lives with his wife in Coastal South Carolina and, when not writing, can be found Shag dancing, pursuing genealogy, or interacting on social media.


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Website: https://alanchaput.com/


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  1. Good morning, Al, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love complex mysteries. They’re so much fun to unwind, not to mention satisfying. Your book sounds like a fabulous read. Thank you for sharing it with us today!

  2. Good morning, you and my husband share the same name. 🙂 Your book sounds and looks very intriguing! I love the sound of it and the look of it. Have a Great day and a great week, Thank you so much for sharing your excerpt with us.

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