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Monster Orc Brides


He’s determined to keep her safe, despite the visions that say otherwise.

Shalia: Growing up orc was perfect—especially because I have the constant attention of Bakog, the prince of the West Mountain Orcs. Except for one small problem. Bakog refuses to make me his.

I know he loves me. But he seems determined to set me in the same category as his own little sister, who happens to be my age.

Then one day he kisses me and my world is changed. It’ll be six weeks, but can’t wait to get home to him to explore where we’ll go from here.

It never dawns on me that day will never arrive.

Bakog: Doing my best at keeping her safe wasn’t good enough. She’s always been mine, but I couldn’t claim her with a prophecy looming over our heads.

“My mate would be stolen by others.” Easy enough to thwart, I simply won’t make her mine. But she still disappears from my grasp.

And when I finally beat the odds to find my kidnapped love, she no longer remembers me.
✔️ Protective hero
✔️ Amnesia trope

Monster Orc Brides



“Nay, wench. Hold still so you don’t hurt yourself.”

Normally I would never follow orders, but I’m so surprised by his even tone, I’m shocked into doing as the biernak commands. I’m used to barked orders, shouts to wake, cold river water doused across my face to wake me.

I’m never cradled tenderly as if I’m made of glass.

The shock drags on and on. He ties me with cloth, not rough rope. I could get free as soon as he’s not watching. Somehow, I think he knows this. Mayhap he thinks to constantly watch me? To test me? To punish me if I fail?

He clucks his tongue for the horse. “Tobias, come.”

When the majestic animal nears, he crouches as if kneeling for us. My mouth drops. He’s trained. Who does that?

But this male—this Bakog—thinks nothing of it as he gathers me easily into his arms and jumps onto the animal and then kicks him into a high-speed trot as if he’s eager to leave the territory.
I can hear the beating of his heart against my ear. Smell the earthy, salty smell of his sweat. Not unpleasant at all… just utterly male.

A sexy, well-formed male in his prime.

Very unlike my own mate.

I want to taste this male’s sweat. Lick out and feel the saltiness against my tongue. Ridiculous.
Eventually he allows the horse to slow.

“How did you get free?” I demand, struggling in his arms, as if he’ll answer.

To my surprise, he does. “You were shocked when Tobias greeted you. I used that distraction to take you down. I regret needing to render you unconscious, but I had to free myself so you wouldn’t hurt me before finding out who you really are.”

I was amazed at his horse greeting me. “Just because you have your steed trained like a show-monkey…”

His bark of laughter surprises me further. “You trained him. I called him a show-monkey, but still gave you your way.”

I frown. His words make no sense.

“You are not Jogug of the Blackhearts. You’re not even Blackheart. Hell, your clan isn’t your clan and they’re not Blackheart, either. Several of them were booted from the original clan and two were booted from the Southpeaks. When we found you went missing, we contacted the leaders who told us they each had members who’d gone rogue and since banded together.”

A more far-fetched story I’ve never heard. But one that works in my favor because I intend to infiltrate their coveted village. I will find the male who impregnated my mother… Brachard. And I intend to slaughter him while his clan watches. Just like I did the last king of my clan.

I will be known as Jogug, the king-slayer.

About Author Rena Marks

Welcome to my Worlds!

Rena Marks is a bestselling author with over eighty-five novels under her belt. She combines her love of science fiction with paranormal romance because no matter what happens in real life, a happy-ever-after never disappoints.

Come get lost in my worlds for a few hours!

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  1. Good morning, Rena, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love this series. I never thought I’d be a fan of Orc heroes but you’ve made me a believer. They’re so deliciously human while still being “not”. I love the strong family roots of their clans. Can’t wait to read this one. Thanks for sharing your book with us today.

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