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SciFi Space Opera Romance


Sometimes the fate of the universe must come before love.

In the Nexxus system, water is a scarce commodity. Vice Ambassador Kieran Phaetal has been given the monumental task to broker peace and heal the century’s old wound between the water planet of Westran Alpha and the savage denizens of Hexaka. As he boards the first available transport vessel, his thoughts focused on the future only to have his past rise up and kick him right in the gut.

It had been six years since Vanysha Kureen had seen the man who abandoned their love and destroyed her life. Six long years of climbing up from slavery as one of the Unsought, disowned and discarded, to become navigator and owner of The Royal Janstar. When an impromptu flight through the bloodiest quadrant of the Nexxus system drops into her lap, she finds her luck turning for the worst as she discovers Kieran is their passenger moments before her ship is shot down, crashing onto Hexaka in flames. With the rest of her crew injured or dead, it’s up to Vanysha and Kieran to search for help on the hostile desert planet.

Forced together by enemy fire, they must move beyond the anger and passion swirling between them to bring an end to the hostilities. With the fate of the Nexxus system at stake as well as her own happiness, can Vanysha dare to trust Kieran with her scarred and shattered heart or will his mission destroy their chance at forever?


SciFi Space Opera Romance


A pair of voices filtered in from the distant entryway, cracking through Kieran’s reverie, and he strode toward the steaming pot to see if there were other drink options. He recognized the captain, and the second speaker sounded a lot like the computer. Was he having a discussion with the ship?

As two figures entered the room, he froze, grateful his fingers hadn’t gripped the fragile glass pot filled with the steaming brew. His blood thundered through his veins, racing to his brain as well as slinking below his belt line, and he gave his head a readjusting shake. Certain this was no hallucination, he swallowed back his shock, then found his voice, uttering a word that hadn’t fallen from his lips in nearly six years.



All of the recycled air vanished from her lungs as Vanysha stared agape at the face she’d never expected to see again. Forgotten was the reason for her latest argument with Faze; she vaguely recalled it having to do with the unnamed passenger, but the tendrils of her important point had faded into oblivion.

Kieran Phaetal.

No way was fate that cruel to her.

She blinked to banish the hateful vision, yet when she reopened her eyes, he still stood before her. Her jaw locked, teeth clamped down hard enough to crack molars, but she gave no other outward sign of recognition.

“You two know each other?”

The upbeat inquiry from her mentor only added to her uncharacteristic need for swift violence. A thousand responses fired through her mind, and thankfully, only one made its way to her tongue.

“Not really.” She kicked her legs into action and calmly strode over to her daily vice. Unfortunately, the current target of her anger was between her and her joy. Some things never change.

Six years. Six years since she’d last seen his face. Six long and painful years since her heart, her dreams, and nearly her life had been smashed without so much as a word. She wished time had been harsher on him, but he looked just as gorgeous as ever. Even more so, if she were truly honest with herself. But she’d be damned before she’d say it aloud. With a swift glance, she sized him up, praying he didn’t catch her ogling stare.

Gone was the gangly youth she’d laughed with, for he had grown into his towering height. She remembered playfully teasing him about his spindly arms, measuring his biceps with her long fingers. Now, although his crisp uniform jacket hid most of his physique, she’d definitely need both hands to span his build. Broad shoulders tapered to a trim waist, and long, muscular legs filled out the somber black ensemble. In his smoky quartz eyes, the boyish spark had dimmed slightly, but those depths still called to her heart. His dark brown hair was slicked down in controlled waves, no longer the wild and beckoning fall brushing across his forehead, and even his jaw appeared wider and stronger, framing his full mouth with its smooth lines.

No, this was not the Kieran of her long-ago memories. Here stood a man, cruel and unforgiving, the true prodigal son of the Central’s leading politico family. He’d promised her he’d never follow in his father’s footsteps.

That’s what I get for believing words spoken in the heat of passion.

About Author Tessa McFionn…

Tessa McFionn has always had a love of all things unreal. Growing up reading Tolkien, Heinlein, and comic books, playing D&D, and watching Thundarr the Barbarian on Saturday mornings, she was immersed in worlds of magic. When her mother introduced her to Dune and An Interview with a Vampire, she was hooked on romance in speculative fiction, and after discovering Sherrilyn Kenyon, she realized love can share center stage in the story. She also feeds her artistic soul through her passions for theatre, dance and music, as well as regular trips to The Happiest Place on Earth with friends and family. With both an award-winning paranormal romance and a sci-fi romance series out in the world, she continues to encourage all to believe in magic.


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  1. Good morning, Tessa, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love SciFi space operas and romance! Loved the excerpt. Can’t wait to see these two reunited despite themselves. LOL Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Good morning, Thank you for sharing the excerpt, it sounds like a great read, and very intriguing ! Have a great week.

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