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Charlotte’s Voices of Mystery Series Book 2


“What is it about you?” Max asked as he tenderly touched the side of my head and brushed his fingers through a few strands of hair.

“I have no clue.”

What if one man haunted your dreams for a lifetime, and now you’ve gone and fallen in love with him?

Charlotte O’Donohue speaks to the dead, but she seems to have more problems communicating with the living, especially with her childhood protector Max Shaw. He has returned to her city with more secrets than a double agent and has the ability to melt every resolve in her body.

Determined to create a new life for herself, Charlotte has her own law practice, moved in with her father, and is falling in love with a man who undoubtedly will crush her heart. The pain might be worth it. Her spirit friends have shielded her from fire and bullets, but will they save her from herself?

So many haunted decisions of the heart have seemingly placed lives in jeopardy. It makes Charlotte wonder if her family is cursed. Is the man she loves involved in a tragic family scheme that could cost him his life? Is Charlotte the one who must pay atonement for her ability to speak with those from beyond? Or is there a reason for every crisis? Charlotte is determined to solve the mysteries and have the love she’s always wanted.

When you take a chance on love, how much will it cost you? Charlotte may just discover she’ll gain more than she’ll lose.

Haunted Decisions of the Heart is the second installment in Charlotte’s Voices of Mystery Series. Charlotte is now more determined than ever to answer so many questions in her life. She’s resolved that Max Shaw can either be by her side, or step out of her way until she solves her brother’s death and saves Max from his own demise. With several spirits guiding the way, Charlotte is on a dangerous path, but one that might give her a life she never could have dreamed would be possible.


Charlotte’s Voices of Mystery Series Book 2


I almost walked into his back as he stopped in front of the refrigerator and turned to face me. “Dad, I can’t talk to Max. He is the devil. You saw him in that interview. He was cool, calculated, and dressed to kill.”

My father turned back to the refrigerator and pulled out the pitcher of his touted homemade beverage. “So he’s the devil again? I thought we’d gotten past that?”

“No, we did not.” I placed my hands on my hips to emphatically show him I meant business, but he went to the cabinet and pulled out two glasses. “Dad!”

He spun around with one finger raised in the air. “Talk to him, Charlotte. Do it for me. I like Max. I won’t have animosity in this house. Now, what do you want? Lemonade or…”

What did I want? “For now, lemonade. After I talk with Max I’ll need an exorcism and at least two Irish beers, none of that light stuff.”

“Fine, I’ll pour you a glass, and later our family priest can take care of the other. We’ll need about a gallon of holy water, candles, and a sturdy cross.”

About Author C.L. Bauer…

C. L. Bauer resides in her hometown of Kansas City, home to some of the best barbecue, restaurants, theaters, and football (when the Chiefs are having a good year) in the country. In 2018, she returned to writing with the publishing of her first novel The Poppy Drop, a Lily List Mystery. She blended humor with wedding flowers (her family has owned the same flower business since before World War II) to create a world for her character, Lily. When you are involved in the wedding industry there are plenty of stories and characters. It’s easy to write a novel based on events that have actually happened and people you’ve enjoyed meeting over the years.

C. L. Bauer loves meeting her readers and listening to what they think will happen next and their pleas to not kill a certain character they love. When she’s not writing or designing wedding flowers, she keeps in touch with her family and friends, enjoys a good cup of coffee and going out to breakfast, traveling, binging on English murder mysteries, and anything Disney. She’s particularly fond of Eeyore, Chip and Dale (the furry ones with hips) and always cries when she sees the castle.


Links to C.L.’s websites, blogs, books, #ad etc.:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/442zuKv

C. L. Bauer can be reached on social media everywhere including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can read about upcoming books and promotions, and sign up for her free newsletter at www.clbauer.com. Email her at clbauerkc@gmail.com.


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  1. Good morning, C.L., and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love stories about characters who speak to the dead. I think there’s so much left unsaid and undone when someone passes and it’s intriguing to imagine resolution. Can’t wait to read your book. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  2. Wow, Good afternoon, your book sounds and looks Very intriguing ! Not entering this ebook giveaway as I dont read ebooks at all, I am not tech savvy, but thank you. Have a great day.

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