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Stevie Capot Chronicles Book 1


In 1745, I awoke in the wilds of North Carolina, devoid of any possessions and my memories lost in the void. Stripped of my identity and left to fend for myself, I resorted to thievery to survive, carving out a notorious reputation as the cunning and elusive Stevie Capot.

A century later, destiny led me to Sedna, Washington, where tantalizing fragments of my forgotten past began to resurface, like shards of broken glass reflecting a life I had left behind. But my quest for truth was overshadowed by the relentless pursuit of the town’s unyielding marshal and his relentless posse of lawmen. To my dismay, my already tumultuous existence was further complicated by the arrival of three mysterious strangers, each claiming to hold the key to unlocking the secrets sealed within my mind.

As I grappled with the enigma of my lost memories, I couldn’t shake the feeling that Sedna held the answers, or perhaps the three enigmatic men who had emerged in sync with the resurgence of my past. Their arrival only served to heighten the relentless pricking of my skin, a constant reminder that I was on the precipice of decoding the secrets veiled in the fog of time. Amidst the chaos and danger that threatened to consume me, I was determined to unearth the truth, no matter the cost.



Stevie Capot Chronicles Book 1


The aroma of eggs, bacon, and coffee led me to the dining room, only to abruptly stop when both of the men were already seated at the table with their noses in the morning’s paper or as I called it, propaganda. There was never anything written that applied to me and it was all fabricated stories just to have something to print.

“Good Morning, boys!” I rang out, heading to my chair until I noticed a large shovel leaning against the table. “Who’s smartass idea is this?” I asked, lifting the shovel.

Sebastian and Gabriel ignored my question and proceeded with sipping on their coffee and their daily reading. “Sebastian?” He slumped in his chair, concealing his face. “Gabriel?” He followed his cousin’s suit and did the same thing. Annoyance enveloped me as I drummed my fingers on the table, reaching out to grip the handle of the shovel. “I’m going ta ask this one more time-who put the blasted shovel next ta ma chair?” This was humiliating and so furious that I couldn’t care less if the volume of my voice became louder. Sebastian lowered the newspaper, glaring at me.

Sebastian hissed, his cheeks crimson red from anger that quickly built up. “Your outburst isn’t necessary, it’s unbecoming of a lady. Now sit down and eat your breakfast, Miss Capot.”

“Dinnae tell me what ta do, Sebastian Corbeau. I will speak how I want ta because I am through with being a joke ta ya men. Now, I’m going ta ask one more time. Who? Put? The? Shovel? Here?”

Sebastian stood up and slammed his hand on the table, paying no mind that Gabriel left the dining room. “I put it there because I figured you could use the shovel as a spoon to eat your porridge since you prefer to shovel your food in your big, smart mouth.”

“Oh, is that so?” I lifted the shovel and swiped the heavy tool across his head. Tossing the shovel aside, I crossed my arms over my chest, walking where he lay in a heap. “That is ma way of telling ya that I hate ya. I’m going back home.” I noticed the gleaming jewel that laid near his jaw and tore the necklace off his to get a closer look. “This could buy a lot of wood and food fer my people.” I slipped on a jacket from the back of Gabriel’s chair and slid the necklace into the pocket. “Thank you fer yer contribution, Mr. Corbeau.”

I stormed out of the dining room, whizzing past Gabriel without speaking two words to him. I was on a mission and that was to get as far away from these two as possible, hopefully never to see them for the rest of my eternity.

About Author Mina Skye…

Mina Skye is an exciting new voice in the realm of Young Adult literature, captivating readers with her paranormal-infused tales and sprinkles of romance. With a keen focus on girl power in all its diverse forms, Mina weaves narratives that celebrate empowerment, resilience, and the limitless potential of young women.

When she’s not immersed in the world of her characters, Mina indulges in her favorite pastimes. Her love for cooking intersects with her penchant for binge-watching cooking shows, as she draws inspiration from the fusion of flavors and culinary artistry. Mina firmly believes that a delicious meal can transport one to different realms, just like a well-crafted story.

In her quest for balance and creativity, Mina also knows the importance of rejuvenation. She takes well-deserved naps, embracing the restful moments that ignite her imagination and recharge her storytelling prowess. Alongside her literary endeavors, Mina has a soft spot for her lovable feline companion, showering her furry friend with abundant affection.

Mina Skye’s artistic spirit extends beyond books and cooking. She has developed a deep appreciation for the enchanting melodies and timeless charm of vinyl records. Her impressive collection of vinyls spans various genres and eras, serving as a personal soundtrack to her writing process and adding a touch of nostalgic magic to her daily routines.

As Mina Skye embarks on her writing journey, she aims to evoke emotions, transform perspectives, and inspire readers with narratives that encapsulate the strength and resilience of young women. With her penchant for paranormal worlds, her ability to intricately explore the dynamics of relationships, and her dedication to showcasing girl power, Mina ushers in a breath of fresh air to the Young Adult literary landscape.

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  1. Good morning, Mina, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I haven’t read much Steampunk, probably because I don’t see much of it, but I’m intrigued by the genre. I enjoyed your excerpt and am wondering about Stevie, where she came from, why she lost her memory, the mystery. It promises to be a fun read. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

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