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Political Thriller Suspense


Evan Reid lives up to his promises. The last one could kill him.

Canada’s crippled economy is on the mend after a worldwide pandemic took too many lives. A measure passed during the deadly outbreak in response to the country’s worst mass shooting banned the ownership and sale of military-style assault weapons.

The Prime Minister’s amendment to the weapons bill has mobilized more than the official opposition.

A vague threat messaged to Chief of Staff Jerilynn Connor Martin precedes a chain of violence linked to her RCMP husband’s past. The string of ominous texts and untraceable calls between Alec Martin and the vengeful mind behind the anti-gun ban network is all the Director of Parliamentary Protective Service has to go on.

Random acts of violence across the provinces and territories link to threats of impending chaos on Parliament Hill. But what or who is the real target?

The clock is ticking. The vote is coming. The threat is approaching.

The fate of a nation and lives are on the line.


Political Thriller Suspense



I hadn’t slept much the night before. Even less than what seemed to be my new normal of four to five hours. That’s when the restless whir in my brain pounded on my eyelids until I gave up on sleep. But I do remember the dream.

I’d doubled down on the campaign for my first bicycle the day after I didn’t get one for Christmas. I saved up my allowance money to pay for a subscription to Bicycling Magazine and cut out pictures of preferred models. Mum found those pictures in her purse, the laundry basket, between recipes in her binder and the pages of whatever book she was reading. Dad joked about being halfway through a speech in the House of Commons and turning the page on a full-sized photo of a silver BMX freestyle built for speed on any surface.

The school year ended, the weather got warm and my strategy produced the desired reward on Canada Day, my eighth birthday. Mum fretted when Dad and I rejected her request to install training wheels. “Nonsense,” said Dad in the rumbling tone that made MPs on both sides of the aisle take notice. “Our son will learn the proper way to ride on two wheels.” The abbreviated summer schedule on Parliament Hill gave us time for him to guide me with his strong hands around my waist. I’d pump the pedals. He’d cheer me on and let go. Every day I’d make it a bit further down the driveway before the bike would begin to wobble. He was always there to catch me.

A month into the lessons, I decided to have a go on my own. I wheeled my bike out, straddled the seat, took my sneakered feet off the pavement, and pedalled. The breeze lifted my spirits and the Toronto Blue Jays cap from my head. I’d done it! My silver symbol of freedom would take me wherever I wanted to go! The wheels turned, the bike picked up speed and in a split second of paralyzing fear, I forgot how to apply the brakes. The exhilaration of accomplishment ended in the blast from a car horn, the screech of tires on cement, my Mum’s high-pitched scream and the worst pain I’d ever felt until a bullet ripped into my shoulder.


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  1. Welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench, Teresa. I loved the suspense and description of your excerpt. What a great read! Intriguing. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Hi, this book sounds and looks very intriguing! I enjoyed reading your post and I enjoyed the interview. Thank you for sharing about it. (not entering this ebook giveaway as I am not tech savvy and I dont read them, but Thank you so much. ) Have a Great day.

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